KDE Frameworks 5.58.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Tue May 7 22:41:58 BST 2019

On mardi 7 mai 2019 23:41:10 CEST David Faure wrote:
> On mardi 7 mai 2019 23:33:38 CEST David Edmundson wrote:
> > >Python bindings for kcoreaddons don't build:
> > Urgh, I clicked ship it on https://phabricator.kde.org/D20007 because
> > it was Monday and I assumed tagging had just happened. (I should have
> > checked, sorry)
> > The windows side of that code was written blindly, and I did some last
> > minute fixes to make it compile, but the unit test fails there.
> > 
> > It might be worth rolling the 5.58 tag to
> > 8ca557510d4e8a83b800c6545dac158f8634c7b3 . Then we have a month to fix
> > it properly.
> I see. No problem, done:
> kcoreaddons v5.58.0-rc2
> kcoreaddons-5.58.0
> 018981dfaf4a700bc9476953b6eab827e256f585

... and the updated changelog is attached.

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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### Baloo

* [baloo_file] Wait for extractor process to start
* [balooctl] Add command to show files failed to index (bug 406116)
* Add QML to source code types
* [balooctl] Capture the constant totalsize in the lambda
* [balooctl] Switch multiline output to new helper
* [balooctl] Use new helper in json output
* [balooctl] Use new helper for simple format output
* [balooctl] Factor out file index status collection from output
* Keep empty Json metadata docs out of DocumentData DB
* [balooshow] Allow referencing files by URL from hardlink
* [balooshow] Suppress warning when URL refers to unindexed file
* [MTimeDB] Allow timestamp newer than the newest document in range match
* [MTimeDB] Use exact match when exact match is requested
* [balooctl] Cleanup handling of different positional arguments
* [balooctl] Extend options help text, improve error checking
* [balooctl] Use more understandable names for size in status output
* [balooctl] clear command: Remove bogus check for documentData, cleanup
* [kio_search] Fix warning, add UDSEntry for "."  in listDir
* Use hex notation for DocumentOperation flag enum
* Calculate total DB size correctly
* Postpone term parsing until needed, do not set both term and searchstring
* Don't add default valued date filters to json
* Use compact Json format when converting query URLs
* [balooshow] Do not print a bogus warning for a non-indexed file

### Breeze Icons

* Add non-symbolic 16px versions of find-location and mark-location
* Symlink preferences-system-windows-effect-flipswitch to preferences-system-tabbox
* Add "edit-delete-remove" icon symlink and add 22px version of "paint-none" and "edit-none"
* Use consistent default Kickoff user icon
* Add an icon for Thunderbolt KCM
* Sharpen Z's in system-suspend* icons
* Improve "widget-alternatives" icon
* Add go-up/down/next/previous-skip
* Update KDE logo to be closer to original
* Add alternatives icon

### Extra CMake Modules

* Bug fix: find c++ stl using regex
* Unconditionally enable -DQT_STRICT_ITERATORS, not just in debug mode

### KArchive

* KTar: Protect against negative longlink sizes
* Fix invalid memory write on malformed tar files
* Fix memory leak when reading some tar files
* Fix uninitialized memory use when reading malformed tar files
* Fix stack-buffer-overflow read on malformed files
* Fix null-dereference on malformed tar files
* Install krcc.h header
* Fix double delete on broken files
* Disallow copy of KArchiveDirectoryPrivate and KArchivePrivate
* Fix KArchive::findOrCreate running out of stack on VERY LONG paths
* Introduce and use KArchiveDirectory::addEntryV2
* removeEntry can fail so it's good to know if it did
* KZip: fix Heap-use-after-free in broken files

### KAuth

* Force KAuth helpers to have UTF-8 support (bug 384294)

### KBookmarks

* Add support for KBookmarkOwner to communicate if it has tabs open

### KCMUtils

* Use size hints from the ApplicationItem itself
* Fix Oxygen background gradient for QML modules

### KConfig

* Add Notify capability to KConfigXT

### KCoreAddons

* Fix wrong "Unable to find service type" warnings
* New class KOSRelease - a parser for os-release files

### KDeclarative

* [KeySequenceItem] Make the clear button have the same height as shortcut button
* Plotter: Scope GL Program to lifespan of scenegraph node (bug 403453)
* KeySequenceHelperPrivate::updateShortcutDisplay: Don't show english text to the user
* [ConfigModule] Pass initial properties in push()
* Enable glGetGraphicsResetStatus support by default on Qt >= 5.13 (bug 364766)

### KDED

* Install .desktop file for kded5 (bug 387556)

### KFileMetaData

* [TagLibExtractor] Fix crash on invalid Speex files (bug 403902)
* Fix exivextractor crash with malformed files (bug 405210)
* Declare properties as meta type
* Change properties attributes for consistency
* Handle variant list in formatting functions
* Fix for Windows' LARGE_INTEGER type
* Fix (compilation) errors for Windows UserMetaData implementation
* Add missing mimetype to taglib writer
* [UserMetaData] Handle changes in attribute data size correctly
* [UserMetaData] Untangle Windows, Linux/BSD/Mac and stub code

### KGlobalAccel

* Copy container in Component::cleanUp before interating
* Don't use qAsConst over a temporary variable (bug 406426)

### KHolidays #

* holidays/plan2/holiday_zm_en-gb - add Zambia holidays
* holidays/plan2/holiday_lv_lv - fix Midsummer's Day
* holiday_mu_en - Holidays 2019 in Mauritius
* holiday_th_en-gb - update for 2019 (bug 402277)
* Update Japanese holidays
* Add public holidays for Lower Saxony (Germany)

### KImageFormats

* tga: don't try to read more than max_palette_size into palette
* tga: memset dst if read fails
* tga: memset the whole palette array, not only the palette_size
* Initialize the unread bits of _starttab
* xcf: Fix uninitialized memory use on broken documents
* ras: Don't overread input on malformed files
* xcf: layer is const in copy and merge, mark it as such

### KIO

* [FileWidget] Replace "Filter:" with "File type:" when saving with a limited list of mimetypes (bug 79903)
* Newly created 'Link to Application' files have a generic icon
* [Properties dialog] Use the string "Free space" instead of "Disk usage" (bug 406630)
* Fill UDSEntry::UDS_CREATION_TIME under linux when glibc >= 2.28
* [KUrlNavigator] Fix URL navigation when exiting archive with krarc and Dolphin (bug 386448)
* [KDynamicJobTracker] When kuiserver isn't available, also fall back to widget dialog (bug 379887)

### Kirigami

* [aboutpage] hide Authors header if there are no authors
* Update qrc.in to match .qrc (missing ActionMenuItem)
* Make sure we don't squeeze out the ActionButton (bug 406678)
* Pages: export correct contentHeight/implicit sizes
* [ColumnView] Also check for index in child filter..
* [ColumnView] Don't let mouse back button go back beyond first page
* header has immediately the proper size

### KJobWidgets

* [KUiServerJobTracker] Track kuiserver service life time and re-register jobs if needed

### KNewStuff

* Remove pixelated border (bug 391108)

### KNotification

* [Notify by Portal] Support default action and priority hints
* [KNotification] Add HighUrgency
* [KNotifications] Update when flags, urls, or urgency change
* Allow to set urgency for notifications

### KPackage Framework

* Add missing properties in kpackage-generic.desktop
* kpackagetool: read kpackage-generic.desktop from qrc
* AppStream generation: make sure we look up for the package structure on packages that have metadata.desktop/json too

### KTextEditor

* Review kate config pages to improve maintenance friendliness
* Allow to change the Mode, after changing the Highlighting
* ViewConfig: Use new generic config interface
* Fix bookmark pixmap painting on icon bar
* Ensure the left border miss no change of the count of line number digits
* Fix to show folding preview when move the mouse from bottom to top
* Review IconBorder
* Add input methods to input method status bar button
* Paint the folding marker in proper color and make it more visible
* remove default shortcut F6 to show icon border
* Add action to toggle folding of child ranges (bug 344414)
* Retitle button "Close" to "Close file" when a file has been removed on disk (bug 406305)
* up copy-right, perhaps that should be a define, too
* avoid conflicting shortcuts for switching tabs
* KateIconBorder: Fix folding popup width and height
* avoid view jump to bottom on folding changes
* DocumentPrivate: Respect indention mode when block selection (bug 395430)
* ViewInternal: Fix makeVisible(..) (bug 306745)
* DocumentPrivate: Make bracket handling smart (bug 368580)
* ViewInternal: Review drop event
* Allow to close a document whose file was deleted on disk
* KateIconBorder: Use UTF-8 char instead of special pixmap as dyn wrap indicator
* KateIconBorder: Ensure Dyn Wrap Marker are shown
* KateIconBorder: Code cosmetic
* DocumentPrivate: Support auto bracket in block selection mode (bug 382213)

### KUnitConversion

* Fix l/100 km to MPG conversion (bug 378967)

### KWallet Framework

* Set correct kwalletd_bin_path
* Export path of kwalletd binary for kwallet_pam

### KWayland

* Add CriticalNotification window type to PlasmaShellSurface protocol
* Implement wl_eglstream_controller Server Interface

### KWidgetsAddons

* Update kcharselect-data to Unicode 12.1
* KCharSelect's internal model: ensure rowCount() is 0 for valid indexes

### KWindowSystem

* Introduce CriticalNotificationType
* Document that modToStringUser and stringUserToMod only deal with english strings


* KKeySequenceWidget: Don't show English strings to the user

### NetworkManagerQt

* WireGuard: Do not require 'private-key' to be non-empty for 'private-key-flags'
* WireGuard: workaround wrong secret flag type
* WireGuard: private-key and preshared-keys can be requested together

### Plasma Framework

* PlatformComponentsPlugin: fix plugin iid to QQmlExtensionInterface
* IconItem: remove remaining & unused smooth property bits
* [Dialog] Add CriticalNotification type
* Fix wrong group names for 22, 32 px in audio.svg
* make the mobile text toolbar appear only on press
* use the new Kirigami.WheelHandler
* Add more icon sizes for audio, configure, distribute
* [FrameSvgItem] Update filtering on smooth changes
* Air/Oxygen desktoptheme: fix progressbar height using "hint-bar-size"
* Fix stylesheet support for audio-volume-medium
* Update audio, drive, edit, go, list, media, plasmavault icons to match breeze-icons
* Align z's to pixel grid in system.svg
* use the mobiletextcursor from proper namespace
* [FrameSvgItem] Respect smooth property
* Oxygen desktoptheme: add padding to hands, against jagged outline on rotation
* SvgItem, IconItem: drop "smooth" property override, update node on change
* Support gzipping of svgz also on windows, using 7z
* Air/Oxygen desktoptheme: fix hand offsets with hint-*-rotation-center-offset
* Add invokable public API for emitting contextualActionsAboutToShow
* Breeze desktoptheme clock: support hand shadow offset hint of Plasma 5.16
* Keep desktoptheme SVG files uncompressed in repo, install svgz
* separe mobile text selection to avoid recursive imports
* Use more appropriate "Alternatives" icon and text
* FrameSvgItem: add "mask" property

### Prison

* Aztec: Fix padding if the last partial codeword is all one bits

### QQC2StyleBridge

* Avoid nesting Controls in TextField (bug 406851)
* make the mobile text toolbar appear only on press
* [TabBar] Update height when TabButtons are added dynamically
* use the new Kirigami.WheelHandler
* Support custom icon size for ToolButton
* It compile fine without foreach

### Solid

* [Fstab] Add support for non-network filesystems
* [FsTab] Add cache for device file system type
* [Fstab] Preparatory work for enabling filesystems beyond NFS/SMB
* Fix no member named 'setTime_t' in 'QDateTime' error while building (bug 405554)

### Syntax Highlighting

* Add syntax highlighting for fish shell
* AppArmor: don't highlight variable assignments and alias rules within profiles

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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