Plasma updated tars

Rik Mills rikmills at
Wed Mar 13 01:02:52 GMT 2019

On 12/03/2019 22:41, Jonathan Riddell wrote:
> Three tars have been updated for Plasma updated.  They have
> the "id" docs manually removed as they do not compile.
> d9177bc7b9a884e5e85cb90f20b6858a17d87085c4b3f34050f4c863f9aaf86c
> kwin-
> 6972769b7f63467a5cf0fe8960051c46b43a01d2b9ab89bb99a873f693383657
> plasma-desktop-
> c54e276b57426199827293c9d0d874401cae89ceaa14f64df40bb942e3ac85d2
> systemsettings-

These seem to really be gzipp'd not .xz as they are named? My tooling
doesn't like that at all!

Also also plasma-desktop tar did not have po/id/docs/kcontrol/* removed,
which were also bad, so p-d still FTBFS I think.

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