Yakuake releases

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sat Jun 22 15:30:08 BST 2019

Andreas Sturmlechner ha scritto:
> Hi,
> as a packager I would appreciate more releases of not only yakuake.
> That does not necessarily mean moving all to KDE Applications is the
> solution, certainly not all of them...
> When I look at what else I need to carry around patches for:
> calligra - 20kB worth of patches just to build against moderately
> recent poppler versions and even Qt 5.11
> calligraplan - also patch for Qt 5.11 and qca detection
> kdesvn - needs backport from 2.0 branch for Qt 5.11
> krename - only git master currently builds against exiv2-0.27, which
> has been around for more than a year
> plasma-redshift-control - fix for redshift-1.12 is only in git master
> skanlite - last release 10 months ago, cmake fixes and hidpi support
> in git master since April

All of those seems to be fairly active - have you tried to ping the
maintainers? I did with skanlite few months ago and I've got a release.


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