KDE Frameworks 5.60.0 released

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sat Jul 13 09:28:26 BST 2019

13th July 2019. KDE today announces the release of KDE Frameworks 5.60.0.

KDE Frameworks are 79 addon libraries to Qt which provide a wide
variety of commonly needed functionality in mature, peer reviewed and well
tested libraries with friendly licensing terms. For an introduction see the
Frameworks 5.0 release announcement.


  Qt >= 5.11 is now required, now that Qt 5.13 has been released.


  [QueryTest] Test if independent phrases are really independent
  [TermGenerator] Insert an empty position between independent terms
  [QueryTest] Restructure tests to allow easier extension
  [TermGenerator] Leave single term phrases out of the PositionDB
  [TermGenerator] Do Term truncation prior to UTF-8 conversion
  [PostingIterator] Move positions() method to VectorPositionInfoIterator
  [TermGenerator] Use UTF-8 ByteArray for termList
  [WriteTransactionTest] Clear mixup of QString and QByteArray
  [experimental/BalooDB] Fix trivial 0 / nullptr warning
  [PositionDbTest] Fix trivial memleak in test
  [PendingFileQueueTest] Verify create + delete do not emit extra events
  [PendingFileQueueTest] Verify delete + create actually works
  [PendingFileQueue] Avoid delete + create / create + delete race
  [PendingFileQueueTest] Use synthetic timer events to speedup test
  [XAttrIndexer] Update DocumentTime when XAttrs are updated
  [PendingFileQueueTest] Shorten timeouts, verify tracking time
  [PendingFileQueue] Use more accurate calculation of remaining time
  [ModifiedFileIndexer] Use correct mimetype for folders, delay until needed
  [NewFileIndexer] Omit symlinks from the index
  [ModifiedFileIndexer] Avoid shadowing XAttr changes by content changes
  [NewFileIndexer] Use correct mimetype for folders, check excludeFolders
  [UnindexedFileIndexer] Pick up comment, tags and rating changes
  [UnindexedFileIndexer] Skip filetime checks for new files
  [DocumentUrlDB] Avoid manipulation of the whole tree on trivial rename
  [DocumentUrlDB] Catch invalid URLs early
  [DocumentUrlDB] Remove unused 'rename' method
  [balooctl] Streamline indexer control commands
  [Transaction] Replace template for functor with std::function
  [FirstRunIndexer] Use correct mimetype for folders
  Move invariant IndexingLevel out of the loop
  [BasicIndexingJob] Skip lookup of baloo document type for directories
  [FileIndexScheduler] Ensure indexer is not run in suspended state
  [PowerStateMonitor] Be conservative when determining power state
  [FileIndexScheduler] Stop the indexer when quit() is called via DBus
  Avoid container detach in a few places
  Do not try to append to QLatin1String
  Disable valgrind detection when compiling with MSVC
  [FilteredDirIterator] Combine all suffixes into one large RegExp
  [FilteredDirIterator] Avoid RegExp overhead for exact matches
  [UnindexedFileIterator] Delay mimetype determination until it is needed
  [UnindexedFileIndexer] Do not try to add nonexistant file to index
  Detect valgrind, avoid database removal when using valgrind
  [UnindexedFileIndexer] Loop optimizations (avoid detach, invariants)
  Delay running UnindexedFileIndexer and IndexCleaner
  [FileIndexScheduler] Add new state for Idle on battery
  [FileIndexScheduler] Postpone housekeeping tasks while on battery
  [FileIndexScheduler] Avoid emitting state changes multiple times
  [balooctl] Clarify and extend status output


  Add MediaTransport API
  Add LE Advertising and GATT APIs

Breeze Icons

  Add id="current-color-scheme" to collapse-all icons (bug 409546)
  Add disk-quota icons (bug 389311)
  Symlink install to edit-download
  Change joystick settings icon to game controller (bug 406679)
  Add edit-select-text, make 16px draw-text like 22px
  Update KBruch icon
  Add help-donate-[currency] icons
  Make Breeze Dark use same Kolourpaint icon as Breeze
  Add 22px notifications icons


  Fix a crash in KactivityTestApp when Result has strings with non-ASCII


  Do not crash if the inner file wants to be bigger than QByteArray max size


  KPluginMetaData: use Q_DECLARE_METATYPE


  [GridDelegate] Fix gaps in corners of thumbnailArea highlight
  get rid of blockSignals
  [KCM GridDelegate] Silence warning
  [KCM GridDelegate] Take into account implicitCellHeight for inner delegate height
  Fix GridDelegate icon
  Fix fragile comparison to i18n("None") and describe behavior in docs (bug 407999)

KDE WebKit

  Downgrade KDEWebKit from Tier 3 to Porting Aids


  Update pt-BR user.entities


  Fix extracting of some properties to match what was written (bug 408532)
  Use debugging category in taglib extractor/writer
  Format photo exposure bias value (bug 343273)
  fix property name
  Remove photo prefix from every exif property name (bug 343273)
  Rename ImageMake and ImageModel properties (bug 343273)
  [UserMetaData] Add method to query which attributes are set
  Format focal length as milli meter
  Format photo exposure time as rational when applicable (bug 343273)
  Enable usermetadatawritertest for all UNIXes, not only Linux
  Format the aperture values as F numbers (bug 343273)

KDE GUI Addons

  KModifierKeyInfo: we are sharing the internal implementation
  Remove double look-ups
  Move to runtime the decision to use x11 or not

KHolidays #

  Update UK Early May bank holiday for 2020 (bug 409189)
  Fix ISO code for Hesse / Germany


  QImage::byteCount -> QImage::sizeInByes


  Fix KFileItemTest::testIconNameForUrl test to reflect different icon name
  Fix i18n number-of-arguments error in knewfilemenu warning message
  [ftp] Fix wrong access time in Ftp::ftpCopyGet() (bug 374420)
  [CopyJob] Batch reporting processed amount
  [CopyJob] Report results after finishing copy (bug 407656)
  Move redundant logic in KIO::iconNameForUrl() into KFileItem::iconName() (bug 356045)
  Install KFileCustomDialog
  [Places panel] Don't show Root by default
  Downgrade "Could not change permissions" dialog box to a qWarning
  O_PATH is only available on linux. To prevent the compiler from throwing an error
  Show feedback inline when creating new files or folders
  Auth Support: Drop privileges if target is not owned by root
  [copyjob] Only set modification time if the kio-slave provided it (bug 374420)
  Cancel privilege operation for read-only target with the current user as owner
  Add KProtocolInfo::defaultMimetype
  Always save view settings when switching from one view mode to another
  Restore exclusive group for sorting menu items
  Dolphin-style view modes in the file dialog (bug 86838)
  kio_ftp: improve error handling when copying to FTP fails
  kioexec: change the scary debug messages for delayed deletion


  [ActionTextField] Make action glow on press
  support text mode and position
  mouseover effect for breadcrumb on desktop
  enforce a minimum height of 2 gridunits
  Set SwipeListItem implicitHeight to be the maximum of content and actions
  Hide tooltip when PrivateActionToolButton is pressed
  Remove accidentally slipped back traces of cmake code for Plasma style
  force breeze-internal if no theme is speacified
  correct navigation on left pinned page
  keep track of the space covered by pinned pages
  show a separator when in left sidebar mode
  in single column mode, pin has no effect
  first semi working prototype of pinning


  [KUiServerJobTracker] Handle ownership change


  [kmoretools] Add icons to download and install actions


  Don't search for phonon on Android


  Add profile support interface for TerminalInterface


  Don't delay emission of matchesChanged indefinitely


  Add X-Flatpak-RenamedFrom as recognized key


  fix goto line centering (bug 408418)
  Fix bookmark icon display on icon border with low dpi
  Fix action "Show Icon Border" to toggle border again
  Fix empty pages in print preview and lines printed twice (bug 348598)
  remove no longer used header
  fix autoscrolling down speed (bug 408874)
  Add default variables for variables interface
  Make automatic spellcheck work after reloading a document (bug 408291)
  raise default line length limit to 10000
  WIP:Disable highlighting after 512 characters on a line
  KateModeMenuList: move to QListView


  Include a description
  Proof of concept of a wayland protocol to allow the keystate dataengine to work


  KPasswordLineEdit now correctly inherits its QLineEdit's focusPolicy (bug 398275)
  Replace "Details" button with KCollapsibleGroupBox

Plasma Framework

  [Svg] Fix porting error from QRegExp::exactMatch
  ContainmentAction: Fix loading from KPlugin
  [TabBar] Remove exterior margins
  Applet, DataEngine and containment listing methods inPlasma::PluginLoader no longer filters the plugins with X-KDE-ParentAppprovided when empty string is passed
  Make pinch in calendar work again
  Add disk-quota icons (bug 403506)
  Make Plasma::Svg::elementRect a bit leaner
  Automatically set version of desktopthemes packages to KF5_VERSION
  Don't notify about changing to the same state it was at
  Fix the alignment of the label of the toolbutton
  [PlasmaComponents3] Vertically center button text as well


  Change initial size of the config dialog
  Improve Job Dialog buttons' icons and text
  Fix translation of actiondisplay
  Don't show error message if sharing is cancelled by the user
  Fix warning when reading plugin metadata
  Redesign config pages
  ECMPackageConfigHelpers -> CMakePackageConfigHelpers
  phabricator: Fix fallthrough in switch


  Show shortcut in menu item when specified (bug 405541)
  Add MenuSeparator
  Fix ToolButton remaining in a pressed state after press
  [ToolButton] Pass custom icon size to StyleItem
  honor visibility policy (bug 407014)


  [Fstab] Select appropriate icon for home or root directory
  [Fstab] Show mounted "overlay" filesystems
  [UDev Backend] Narrow device queried for

Syntax Highlighting

  Fortran: relicense to MIT
  Improve the Fortran fixed format syntax highlighting
  Fortran: implement free & fixed formats
  Fix CMake COMMAND nested paren highlighting
  Add more keywords and also support rr in gdb highlighter
  Detect comment lines early in GDB highlighter
  AppArmor: update syntax
  Julia: update syntax and add constants keywords (bug 403901)
  CMake: Highlight the standard CMake environment variables
  Add syntax definition for ninja build
  CMake: Support for 3.15 features
  Jam: various improvements and fixes
  Lua: update for Lua54 and end of function as Keyword rather than Control
  C++: update for C++20
  debchangelog: add Eoan Ermine

Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB


David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5

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