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> In data domenica 7 luglio 2019 23:09:04 CEST, David Faure ha scritto:
> Hello David,
> > Who knows more about this? (CC'ing some people found in git log)
> Unfortunately the system was poorly documented. Perhaps Shaheed knows a
> bit
> more about this: I only know that the bindings are somehow autogenerated.

My original design concept was that the the SIP files that are used to
generate the bindings could themselves be generated from the KDE (or other)
project's header files by applying certain common patterns *and then
overriding those patterns* using custom code as needed. I'm attaching the
README from the pyqt5 repo on the KDE git farm that describes this.

However, Steve took that original design and adapted it in ways I'm no
longer able to describe. I'm not sure if he is able to comment, but IIRC,
he did not like some of the high  layers that the README references, and I
was not able to convince him otherwise. I *think* he did a lot of work at
the CMake level, but I cannot now recall exactly what that was about.

Sorry not to be more help,


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