Python bindings (Re: KDE Frameworks 5.60.0)

David Faure faure at
Mon Jul 8 08:47:31 BST 2019

On dimanche 7 juillet 2019 23:33:15 CEST Antonio Rojas wrote:
> El domingo, 7 de julio de 2019 23:09:04 (CEST), David Faure escribió:
> > Clearly neither the CI nor my local build have python bindings enabled.
> > I suppose I should ask about enabling that in my local build,
> > but then I'd be
> > faced with errors like the above and nobody to talk to about that ;-)
> > (Stephen Kelly hasn't been active for a very long time).
> > 
> > Who knows more about this? (CC'ing some people found in git log)
> It seems that QSharedData is not wrapped in PyQt (no idea why), so I don't
> think there's a way to make this work form the KDE side.
> disables bindings for the affected
> header file.

Thanks, here's the updated tarball.

kguiaddons v5.60.0-rc2
228dc1715a35979072381658ca244795e989ea941e703559de398fdea793c548  sources/kguiaddons-5.60.0.tar.xz

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