Issue with Discover on the Plasma/5.14 branch

Nate Graham nate at
Mon Jan 21 20:20:24 GMT 2019

Hello folks,
We have a non-ideal situation with Discover. Its package update 
functionality is broken for many users of Plasma 5.14 due to

The fix requires:
- Frameworks 5.54 for
- Plasma 5.15 for

Unfortunately, because there are no more 5.14 bugfix releases scheduled, 
Plasma 5.14 users would be out of luck even if we could backport a 
version of that fix that didn't have any string changes.

Ideas regarding how to proceed? If we prepare a targeted 
string-change-less fix for 5.14.x, could we re-spin the tars for 
Discover to include it?


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