Test execution for all of PIM

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at kde.org
Fri Jan 4 19:26:53 GMT 2019

Hi PIM Developers,

A few months back I reported an issue surrounding tests in various
parts of PIM which rely on Akonadi failing to cleanup after
themselves, and thus causing indefinite hangs on the CI system as they
wait for processes to exit which aren't going to exit by themselves.

This issue is still very much active unfortunately, and is
particularly problematic for the FreeBSD and Windows builders (as
there is a limited number of them). This morning, all FreeBSD builds
were blocked by two PIM jobs just sitting there.

Once again, akonadi_knut_resource had failed to exit as it should.

This is a situation which cannot continue, as PIM is harming the
service all other KDE projects receive from the CI system through
these broken tests. It also requires manual Sysadmin intervention to
restore service when this occurs.

I therefore suggest that you disable on your side, all tests that
depend on or make use of the 'akonaditest' runner framework across all
PIM repositories. The alternative is that all test execution for PIM
be disabled.



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