ECM tests not run by CI (Re: KDE Frameworks 5.55.0)

David Faure faure at
Sat Feb 9 12:48:59 GMT 2019

On samedi 9 février 2019 11:25:20 CET Rik Mills wrote:
> I note that the KDE CI does not seem to run the tests at all?

Indeed. I looked into it, and here's the reason why:

commit 45ff1bc4ecb18ad71ad0570f7e838d1ae7cab2e2
Author: Ben Cooksley <bcooksley at>
Date:   Wed Sep 27 22:04:05 2017 +1300

    Revoke test execution for extra-cmake-modules across all platforms.
    The tests in their current condition are incompatible with being run prior to installation, and leave the build directory unusable following their execution.
    This means that brokeness in ECM won't be seen anywhere in the CI system until it is picked up the Dependency Rebuild jobs, after which point the impact will be KDE wide.
    To ensure that the rest of Frameworks is built using the most recent version of ECM - and thus ensure any brokeness in ECM is detected early - we skip running tests, which allows installation to succeed.
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