KDE Frameworks 5.55.0

Rik Mills rikmills at kubuntu.org
Sat Feb 9 10:25:20 GMT 2019

e-c-m fails its autotests on the ECMPoQmToolsTest


[ 61%] Building CXX object
fatal error: tr_thread_test.moc: No such file or directory
 #include "tr_thread_test.moc"
compilation terminated.

I have seen similar on other sources, where running our tests or builds
with --no-parallel worked as a temp fix, but in this case it seems to
just remove the obvious error of not finding the include, but fails in a
more obscure fashion such as:


I note that the KDE CI does not seem to run the tests at all?


"20:38:28 Recording test results
20:38:35 None of the test reports contained any result"

so running them for Ubuntu builds seems somewhat pointless? (and
blocking for us when the fail)


Rik Mills

On 04/02/2019 08:35, David Faure wrote:
> Dear packagers,
> KDE Frameworks 5.55.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.
> New frameworks: none this time.
> Public release next Saturday.
> Thanks for the packaging work!

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