Respins (was: Re: KDE release 19.12.0 packages available for packagers)

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Mon Dec 9 22:53:29 GMT 2019

On 12/06/19 15:14, Antonio Rojas wrote:
> El viernes, 6 de diciembre de 2019 3:34:19 (CET), Christoph Feck escribiĆ³:
>> Hello packagers,
>> As announced, the download path for the monthly releases has changed:
>> *.tar.xz files are now at "stable/release-service/19.12.0".
>> Please test thoroughly and report issues.
>> Release is planned next Thursday.
> Two failures with Qt 5.14 RC (they built fine with beta 3) due to
> missing includes:
> dolphin
> kdenlive

Thanks Antonio for spotting these!

We have respins including those Qt 5.14 build fixes, and additional
bug fixes in mailcommon and kdenlive.

Christoph Feck

kdenlive release/19.12

     Fix build with Qt 5.14 RC
     Fix monitor corruption on autosave
     Fix huge memory consumption and inefficiency of audio thumbnails 
causing freeze on high zoom
     Don't allow seeking below 0 (unexpected behavior)
     Fix playing clip monitor seems to pause a few frames before end and 
seeking allowed past clip end
     Fix crash opening project with broken autosaved files
     Fix huge memory consumption in qml component leading to freeze
     Second round of huge memory usage improvment: disable qml 
components on clip/compositions that are out of sight

mailcommon release/19.12

     Fix Bug 414839 - Folder expiration not automatic

dolphin release/19.12

     Correct invalid homepage URL
     Fix build with Qt 5.14 RC

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