tar names vs. repo names

Harald Sitter sitter at kde.org
Fri Aug 23 15:12:43 BST 2019


What's our stance on tar names different from the repo names?

For simplicity's sake I would argue it should not ever happen, but are
there practical reasons where we simply have to have it (other than
for legacy naming reasons)?

And if we do have a need for this, should we maybe encode the tarname
in our repo-metadata json if it is different from the repo basename?

Currently we don't really have the name map codified anywhere, which
is a bit annoying to me because for legacy reasons phonon-vlc.git is
actually released as phonon-backend-vlc but since that isn't codified
in our metadata releaseme doesn't know that, and neither does neon's
tooling (to map stuff the other way for git-master builds).



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