kipi-plugins standalone release

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Apr 18 15:23:00 BST 2019

kipi-plugins used to be released standalone but in 2015 it moved to be part
of Digikam releases.  Libkipi itself is released as part of KDE
Applications.  Digikam has now stopped including kipi-plugins in its
releases but they are still used by Gwenview and maybe Spectacle and
kphotoalbum so we should keep them around until everything has moved onto
replacements such as Purpose or Digikam's new plugins.

So I propose a standalone release with version 5.9.1

Here's a tar I made just now with version not yet bumped

Then I propose we move it into KDE Applications so the release gets done
regularly and it's alongside libkipi and use the KDE Apps 19.04 style
version numbers.

Does that make sense?

Also note to self Gwenview asks to install photolayoutseditor plugin when
it can't find any but that plugin was removed ages ago.

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