Appstream Release metadata

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu Apr 4 14:53:42 BST 2019

I just blogged but worth an e-mail for anyone doing application releases.

Appstream is a metadata standard for your software releases which gets
used by package managers and app stores as well as web sites such as (one day at least).

If you are incharge of making releases of an application from KDE mind
and make sure it has an appstream appdata file.  You should also
include a screenshot preferably in the product-screenshots git repo.

You should also add release data to your appstream files.  See the
docs for the full details.  Not all the data will be very practical to
add before the release time but it is useful to at least have a
version number and maybe a release date added in.

I’ve added this to the Releasing Software wiki page now. And I’ve
written a wee script appstream-metainfo-release-update to
update the XML with a simple command which I’ve now added to the
Plasma release process.

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