KDE Frameworks 5.50.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Sep 2 21:25:53 BST 2018

Dear packagers,

KDE Frameworks 5.50.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.

New frameworks: there's one this time, syndication
("an RSS/Atom parser library"), as previously announced by Volker.

Public release next Saturday.

Thanks for the packaging work!

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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attica v5.50.0-rc1
1c2168adf453e6a2b749bfbafd5fdf320d967a1902053f682b026a2c12ecca47  sources/attica-5.50.0.tar.xz
baloo v5.50.0-rc1
c6bb8b65e8b1428b35fe0324b0da1416262e6e0b47386ea755a0855fc502c91e  sources/baloo-5.50.0.tar.xz
bluez-qt v5.50.0-rc1
6b4cf1b2d1d729828a2cf0d1483a07f63247ac51fc89c57a60820076126f1909  sources/bluez-qt-5.50.0.tar.xz
breeze-icons v5.50.0-rc1
fc41f8e89af68fb7b91a28dcb43d1f57b238657cf24684c5e98307e033f514fe  sources/breeze-icons-5.50.0.tar.xz
extra-cmake-modules v5.50.0-rc1
dd33b0b09c9659c4e0f49f5ba0caf48ad01534bc3d31788d0793b140cd7e0489  sources/extra-cmake-modules-5.50.0.tar.xz
frameworkintegration v5.50.0-rc1
0334ae2fd865e8e560faf744c2dba395a19488a66abbf60f3bcc7edbcb36d892  sources/frameworkintegration-5.50.0.tar.xz
kactivities v5.50.0-rc1
a190bf6a90acc9d567bacc0680d444d5ab53415fe2bc0f589f3a2407398a7949  sources/kactivities-5.50.0.tar.xz
kactivities-stats v5.50.0-rc1
3a379cd4ea50d2b1f9b2b37229b215340a628ac4e767323f7d876a210aa0cd40  sources/kactivities-stats-5.50.0.tar.xz
kapidox v5.50.0-rc1
1f575d7f0cc7c2a6f76e2c2895f1f6e1cea5cea44897d4cd433af9662f061786  sources/kapidox-5.50.0.tar.xz
karchive v5.50.0-rc1
5420a1d94f699415aa3587ca44f631be62c7c8bcac5a813dd70099d7b66701ca  sources/karchive-5.50.0.tar.xz
kauth v5.50.0-rc1
f7ecff8ee7f06372275f651e9a6f26c68efa0b0d9696ea33f1272173143af396  sources/kauth-5.50.0.tar.xz
kbookmarks v5.50.0-rc1
c9ebb01a1f37c9791287ea90ed52defa879073ee53a5681709bd4ec959567ad3  sources/kbookmarks-5.50.0.tar.xz
kcmutils v5.50.0-rc1
d70e08568a16cb294fae094383afdd4565f2fc39d8020fb347d35807c4453fe1  sources/kcmutils-5.50.0.tar.xz
kcodecs v5.50.0-rc1
eb58e2d54466b0b9700f39a6ccc1634f9a666e3199f7253f76b777a0fd3ef08d  sources/kcodecs-5.50.0.tar.xz
kcompletion v5.50.0-rc1
5fe538fc18c57f167cac95262f75d4c638b16408c0e9cc3250c6c12be6cc0ed8  sources/kcompletion-5.50.0.tar.xz
kconfig v5.50.0-rc1
c867f487353a4b06b63ee1fa197c77660704817b1089239f9ed2533407a66449  sources/kconfig-5.50.0.tar.xz
kconfigwidgets v5.50.0-rc1
f2299a4c611d645ea6e6c6de1f90031254bfe0a60681fa4302db30f1caa04a80  sources/kconfigwidgets-5.50.0.tar.xz
kcoreaddons v5.50.0-rc1
48f4fc35bc7c8d556610f828082c84771a100a19c36f1d6c42130a31ac22f5ac  sources/kcoreaddons-5.50.0.tar.xz
kcrash v5.50.0-rc1
846e5febaf0871185b1da6cc33f3620317e7692595a73e793977b570a1f5c202  sources/kcrash-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdbusaddons v5.50.0-rc1
d54fbcec8709a6f4307b85c5e75e91d6ac96b441e0c13b0cd88ec89324795b46  sources/kdbusaddons-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdeclarative v5.50.0-rc1
8cb0bd0e374f1a0e170f494dea4805b5c019673d413f4fa7779940dcd4fe8ebb  sources/kdeclarative-5.50.0.tar.xz
kded v5.50.0-rc1
0144e6371f894b1063a1033e05bca17bf76829522e472e2026bf0a0d0815d0c1  sources/kded-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdelibs4support v5.50.0-rc1
b4800719c22fbb6643ea17c83eb01fe4468604c19c5bfd89430dba6b59b8348a  sources/portingAids/kdelibs4support-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdesignerplugin v5.50.0-rc1
a587516dec5b850745f5d711e4fd97f1176d19d75ea4f4b5fc67a9a3b382b001  sources/kdesignerplugin-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdesu v5.50.0-rc1
6e3c32fd47a65a6592dba36767999ecb50b83edc8c3d5f33f413310a616bbb24  sources/kdesu-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdewebkit v5.50.0-rc1
1084793684c438385441ffcc7652223200d0e902661883fdca537ace2a2ab05c  sources/kdewebkit-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdnssd v5.50.0-rc1
f19a11caa211f577addcee51c17ae888b84ede7a8a40506b7dabed5a80f0a215  sources/kdnssd-5.50.0.tar.xz
kdoctools v5.50.0-rc1
1e37f26211160607ee825ae3b8f463e298958e59a3bd09e7948f62b4e271f2fd  sources/kdoctools-5.50.0.tar.xz
kemoticons v5.50.0-rc1
4f4bb51f9dd2d66705247246a6010b28b84c0d35175090d2aa75c0e3788799a4  sources/kemoticons-5.50.0.tar.xz
kfilemetadata v5.50.0-rc1
f414e10bfb3d5f3cec14a7074bfb493d6621dbf73c36fcdca7f765bb3a226118  sources/kfilemetadata-5.50.0.tar.xz
kglobalaccel v5.50.0-rc1
6385bb0749bc75fb357125711b255333683042e7a27951217f8a06470f4c97b7  sources/kglobalaccel-5.50.0.tar.xz
kguiaddons v5.50.0-rc1
07a5dcf9dc124eb3134c32ac7ef983d65434687e0851c23f624856ad6308ffaa  sources/kguiaddons-5.50.0.tar.xz
kholidays v5.50.0-rc1
327ca6237c273204edd66bae9ff858ac8be4ed08a602a5eb13ed5482a5ae537e  sources/kholidays-5.50.0.tar.xz
khtml v5.50.0-rc1
aaaf40d61452208e6c9df230553b8abaf0e7ca8279a02f6dfcd945eceff838e4  sources/portingAids/khtml-5.50.0.tar.xz
ki18n v5.50.0-rc1
29fc301cb0b465c88fc58be5a11094434065056c232dc19c5ef05aaf7e54cbf8  sources/ki18n-5.50.0.tar.xz
kiconthemes v5.50.0-rc1
3e7fde8852464dcc4d4af52f676fb004d7c9fecabdc1cfcd93308f4e81bfe046  sources/kiconthemes-5.50.0.tar.xz
kidletime v5.50.0-rc1
215ab778dad24cdc6ba946425ddcc7bc82af79de241bae031447c7cda9860fcf  sources/kidletime-5.50.0.tar.xz
kimageformats v5.50.0-rc1
6bdb12d90f8cf7ebb58ee860ad9ee12f54d7ba14fcff33cdf23a55c9e6efcd4e  sources/kimageformats-5.50.0.tar.xz
kinit v5.50.0-rc1
912c278141c30b4123c39773117971a4f8bdc1b3fc82061bb36dea80daa6ead1  sources/kinit-5.50.0.tar.xz
kio v5.50.0-rc1
01423f94668756dc9f644c5ef93ace0b2e1624d7dd9483f9524bdf3c0855d2ae  sources/kio-5.50.0.tar.xz
kirigami v5.50.0-rc1
b4673b6c6739f58839cc1d7f47de9b288361e5718ec40f8f3eabd00874ee8449  sources/kirigami2-5.50.0.tar.xz
kitemmodels v5.50.0-rc1
66e0f32ed007a30712b74df06c457029037c499f4fc699f80735ffb822769eb0  sources/kitemmodels-5.50.0.tar.xz
kitemviews v5.50.0-rc1
c88a91c353d0724c41eef198b65d0eb5889fd2a8a0bc6c5c4e75f6e08adcf071  sources/kitemviews-5.50.0.tar.xz
kjobwidgets v5.50.0-rc1
3801e39bb59eb6339850bf4048433f115b7ae7cf9409de81bc4b2cd162848749  sources/kjobwidgets-5.50.0.tar.xz
kjs v5.50.0-rc1
bbd30041fd953fc0908cfc423f56ff701fb9a1ce5a5c885f748cd722ce63cdc9  sources/portingAids/kjs-5.50.0.tar.xz
kjsembed v5.50.0-rc1
ead875ad54c63782a59ad01a18cd9c904e2c668862474ec1e39ab6083afa4cc5  sources/portingAids/kjsembed-5.50.0.tar.xz
kmediaplayer v5.50.0-rc1
55eac13d5bbb6438142a7beb123bee21f714a48c0de1765881544f5e88a5e873  sources/portingAids/kmediaplayer-5.50.0.tar.xz
knewstuff v5.50.0-rc1
0df2264795d5ea017fc64d236ab28ea353c6c1466655da76ae179a022804b0c6  sources/knewstuff-5.50.0.tar.xz
knotifications v5.50.0-rc1
5a525a9cda9b29aac858f9ec01179d665b82dcd235f315e75991609ad7144676  sources/knotifications-5.50.0.tar.xz
knotifyconfig v5.50.0-rc1
bff5f87e7ac20b78798fea2e6e1e64ca5cf932567761115746a2353893e58406  sources/knotifyconfig-5.50.0.tar.xz
kpackage v5.50.0-rc1
17496b33814b237f2a5f40f56cc6b3d33d0575ce90d693f44828d542e587a12f  sources/kpackage-5.50.0.tar.xz
kparts v5.50.0-rc1
41a05e792c844c75d6c9885a64fefe88a8d1df18f4bd963d904369e0fd058aff  sources/kparts-5.50.0.tar.xz
kpeople v5.50.0-rc1
0b98c205428160a1d4034fcff4786c31ab302e43ac404bb672f6f312c50b886d  sources/kpeople-5.50.0.tar.xz
kplotting v5.50.0-rc1
bcf98d1045494aeaa928b71b983adcc0715b96d7c089514e8d5769230846bca3  sources/kplotting-5.50.0.tar.xz
kpty v5.50.0-rc1
859b660d9c400a4ebe6bba5d47dad6f5c6b1856a958784c7ede89204b945936a  sources/kpty-5.50.0.tar.xz
kross v5.50.0-rc1
42413a8175cbd7bf251f7a2713a73b818d0c10c25bd11b08b63ac34c3e1911bc  sources/portingAids/kross-5.50.0.tar.xz
krunner v5.50.0-rc1
e80181055baba12940e447c1c76f4ae581893285e580da81f6861d1b42782f0e  sources/krunner-5.50.0.tar.xz
kservice v5.50.0-rc1
29850fb51f6f4eb757e89ca3ad2baf740aff62f07ecd4de6d6a0d9935f981e78  sources/kservice-5.50.0.tar.xz
ktexteditor v5.50.0-rc1
a286e86cd071fd14815cfd250aad7f853f01093a618a533efcfcda13bc2f0702  sources/ktexteditor-5.50.0.tar.xz
ktextwidgets v5.50.0-rc1
3fcab7486ca9d63310721fec2e643046432ce584a7313eae452333113502e1a3  sources/ktextwidgets-5.50.0.tar.xz
kunitconversion v5.50.0-rc1
44f27dada125563a7abab6d5f400b06fcbb54281100627773985fd8cd2556738  sources/kunitconversion-5.50.0.tar.xz
kwallet v5.50.0-rc1
25ca8214829567a22aa59e760541d701aa79f6d3dc0ef3fa67cba76e3c651492  sources/kwallet-5.50.0.tar.xz
kwayland v5.50.0-rc1
0baf139c61ae385b767077ea10515f7e95d8747e8c2af3883472eb54b6c63708  sources/kwayland-5.50.0.tar.xz
kwidgetsaddons v5.50.0-rc1
9530ef4e578859e4dcd1a34f396e552221cbc33fa9f9cb9b1c60ca5dc20a6d7b  sources/kwidgetsaddons-5.50.0.tar.xz
kwindowsystem v5.50.0-rc1
690b642a6277fda7c429d9dcc44876bf52bccb86e9900f2a349e9e4f2e3cb33e  sources/kwindowsystem-5.50.0.tar.xz
kxmlgui v5.50.0-rc1
348c8495e7be0b9d18dde14be2d935bcab84ffe7b0c0c6d39ab234059a0c48bd  sources/kxmlgui-5.50.0.tar.xz
kxmlrpcclient v5.50.0-rc1
d90c38f0eb00f883b73e81f943e19c0920e23e45f8ddae410dfaaf89c0eab80f  sources/kxmlrpcclient-5.50.0.tar.xz
modemmanager-qt v5.50.0-rc1
faeb447d739fec0ae0042065a0ab52f4437ffb54f1c87c78941b5f06e3a8f1f0  sources/modemmanager-qt-5.50.0.tar.xz
networkmanager-qt v5.50.0-rc1
f4b771ced9c692c7bc0e4c9b1da36216829dcf9b2c5a40d0e0210ea8b7fe0b99  sources/networkmanager-qt-5.50.0.tar.xz
oxygen-icons5 v5.50.0-rc1
cc0e8b5829eddd4813a9d9ae2ff4e7a31e94143c1298f16b2b257ecc894f5daa  sources/oxygen-icons5-5.50.0.tar.xz
plasma-framework v5.50.0-rc1
28879382e4835bde4ffff87a329cc20d8adb9d6eb914d3b49ef2c3866376e006  sources/plasma-framework-5.50.0.tar.xz
prison v5.50.0-rc1
4d98254c787f4ec4f80317a738d4f5ec6f2125144df1185fe61c444a086ec2ec  sources/prison-5.50.0.tar.xz
purpose v5.50.0-rc1
ce44af170180390f40afe3817e103ce6523fa94cb8ed9d5d42993859431aa586  sources/purpose-5.50.0.tar.xz
qqc2-desktop-style v5.50.0-rc1
a89dbf77269b0a457de3d44a04ffceef84b38fb7737a350ffd9486054d458856  sources/qqc2-desktop-style-5.50.0.tar.xz
solid v5.50.0-rc1
107ce376baa5c15ee2c218ad35febe7d6e99e9ac35d4b5f184c4618a2e651af9  sources/solid-5.50.0.tar.xz
sonnet v5.50.0-rc1
0dd49f3d64f97981781c385f4c6c5488ba0e64688435d50b78d8db9d68b9ad8d  sources/sonnet-5.50.0.tar.xz
syndication v5.50.0-rc1
6355e2b14966e455dd0d6fd9cdb6691e905ab62be1981b9efbfb3727305de3c4  sources/syndication-5.50.0.tar.xz
syntax-highlighting v5.50.0-rc1
a4d58e7b65a35e9ee4b6dae7422c530730a590efa905e49e2456ef87a1433c82  sources/syntax-highlighting-5.50.0.tar.xz
threadweaver v5.50.0-rc1
cecfcce05dc71b31e058623e96a8c42d9035e4b5ea3bbb489af9e45bb0154886  sources/threadweaver-5.50.0.tar.xz
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### Attica

* Add support for proposed tags addition in OCS 1.7

### Baloo

* Fixed a typo in the index size output (bug 397843)
* Remove src not dest url when a url is newly unindexable
* [tags_kio] Simplify the filename path query matching by using a capture group
* Revert "Skip queueing newly unindexable files and remove them from the index immediately."
* [tags_kio] Simplify file path lookup while loop

### Breeze Icons

* Add LabPlot project file icon
* ScalableTest, add "scalable" plasma-browser-integration (bug 393999)

### Extra CMake Modules

* Bindings: Check if bindings can be generated for a specific python version
* Bindings: Make generator forward compatible with Python 3
* Disable alteration of QT_PLUGIN_PATH by ECM when running tests
* Bindings: Add support for scoped enums (bug 397154)
* Make it possible for ECM to detect po files at configure time

### Framework Integration

* [KStyle] Use dialog-question for question icon

### KArchive

* handle non-ASCII encodings of file names in tar archives (bug 266141)
* KCompressionDevice: don't call write after WriteError (bug 397545)
* Add missing Q_OBJECT macros for QIODevice subclasses
* KCompressionDevice: propagate errors from QIODevice::close() (bug 397545)
* Fix bzip main page

### KCMUtils

* Use custom QScrollArea with size hint not limited by font size (bug 389585)

### KConfig

* Remove warning about old kiosk feature that no longer applies
* Set system default shortcut Ctrl+0 for "Actual Size" action

### KCoreAddons

* Don't remove space between two url when line start with " (kmail bug)
* KPluginLoader: use '/' even on Windows, libraryPaths() returns paths with '/'
* KPluginMetaData: convert empty string to empty stringlist

### KDeclarative

* Revert "ensure we are always writing in the engine's root context"
* Attach property to "delegate" (bug 397367)
* [KCM GridDelegate] Use layer effect only on OpenGL backend (bug 397220)

### KDocTools

* add acronym ASCII to general.entities
* add JSON to general.entities
* Let meinproc5 be more verbose in 'install' auto test
* In kdoctools_install test use absolute pathes to find installed files

### KFileMetaData

* Add enum alias Property::Language for typo Property::Langauge

### KHolidays #

* Implement proper equinox and solstice calculation algorithm (bug 396750)
* src/CMakeLists.txt - install headers the frameworks-way

### KI18n

* Assert if trying to use a KCatalog without a QCoreApplication
* Port ki18n from QtScript to QtQml
* Check the build directory for po/ as well

### KIconThemes

* Set breeze as fallback icon theme

### KIO

* [KSambaShareData] Accept spaces in ACL host name
* [KFileItemListProperties] Use mostLocalUrl for capabilities
* [KMountPoint] Also check "smb-share" for whether it's an SMB mount (bug 344146)
* [KMountPoint] Resolve gvfsd mounts (bug 344146)
* [KMountPoint] Remove traces of supermount
* [KMountPoint] Remove AIX and Windows CE support
* Display mounted file system type and mounted from fields in properties dialog (bug 220976)
* kdirlistertest doesn't fail at random
* [KUrlComboBox] Fix KIcon porting error
* Port KPATH_SEPARATOR "hack" to QDir::listSeparator, added in Qt 5.6
* Fixes memory leak in KUrlComboBox::setUrl
* [KFileItem] Don't read directory comment on slow mounts
* Use QDir::canonicalPath instead
* Ignore NTFS hidden flag for root volume (bug 392913)
* Give the "invalid directory name" dialog a cancel button
* KPropertiesDialog: switch to label in setFileNameReadOnly(true)
* Refine wording when a folder with an invalid name could not be created
* Use appropriate icon for a cancel button that will ask for a new name
* Make read-only filenames selectable
* Use title case for some button labels
* Use KLineEdit for folder name if folder has write access, else use QLabel
* KCookieJar: fix wrong timezone conversion

### Kirigami

* support fillWidth for items
* guard against external deletion of pages
* always show the header when we are in collapsible mode
* fix showContentWhenCollapsed behavior
* fix holes in menus in Material style
* standard actionsmenu for the page contextmenu
* Explicitly request Qt 5.7's QtQuick to make use of Connections.enabled
* use Window color instead of a background item
* make sure the drawer closes even when pushing a new
* export separatorvisible to the globaltoolbar
* Fix the Kirigami QRC static plugin generation
* Fix the build in LTO static mode
* Ensure drawerOpen property is synced correctly (bug 394867)
* drawer: Display the content widget when dragging
* Allow qrc assets to be used in Actions icons
* ld on old gcc (bug 395156)

### KItemViews

* Deprecate KFilterProxySearchLine

### KNewStuff

* Cache providerId

### KNotification

* Support libcanberra for audio notification

### KService

* KBuildSycoca: always process application desktop files

### KTextEditor

* Turn enum Kate::ScriptType into an enum class
* correct error handling for QFileDevice and KCompressedDevice
* InlineNotes: Do not print inline notes
* Remove QSaveFile in favor of plain old file saving
* InlineNotes: Use screen global coordinates everywhere
* InlineNote: Initialize position with Cursor::invalid()
* InlineNote: Pimpl inline note data without allocs
* Add inline note interface
* Show text preview only if main window is active (bug 392396)
* Fix crash when hiding the TextPreview widget (bug 397266)
* Merge ssh://git.kde.org/ktexteditor
* improve hidpi rendering of icon border
* Improve vim color theme (bug 361127)
* Search: Add workaround for missing icons in Gnome icon-theme
* fix overpainting for _ or letters like j in the last line (bug 390665)
* Extend Scripting API to allow executing commands
* Indentation script for R
* Fix crash when replacing \n around empty lines (bug 381080)
* remove highlighting download dialog
* no need to new/delete hash on each doHighlight, clearing it is good enough
* ensure we can handle invalid attribute indices that can happen as left overs afer HL switch for a document
* let smart pointer handle deletion of objects, less manual stuff to do
* remove map to lookup additional hl properties
* KTextEditor uses the KSyntaxHighlighting framework for all
* use character encodings as provided by the definitions
* Merge branch 'master' into syntax-highlighting
* non-bold text no longer renders with font weight thin but (bug 393861)
* non-bold text no longer renders with font weight thin but (bug 393861)
* use foldingEnabled
* remove EncodedCharaterInsertionPolicy
* Printing: Respect footer font, fix footer vertical position, make header/footer separator line visually lighter
* Merge branch 'master' into syntax-highlighting
* let syntax-highlighting framework handle all definition management now that there is the None definition around in the repo
* completion widget: fix minimum header section size
* Fix: Scroll view lines instead of real lines for wheel and touchpad scrolling (bug 256561)
* remove syntax test, that is now tested in the syntax-highlighting framework itself
* KTextEditor configuration is now application local again, the
* KTextEditor configuration is now application local again, the
* Use KSyntaxHighlighting::CommentPosition instead of KateHighlighting::CSLPos
* Use isWordWrapDelimiter() from KSyntaxHighlighting
* Rename isDelimiter() to isWordDelimiter()
* implement more lookup stuff via format -> definition link
* we now always get valid formats
* nicer way to get attribute name
* fix python indentation test, safer acessor to property bags
* add right definition prefixes again
* Merge branch 'syntax-highlighting' of git://anongit.kde.org/ktexteditor into syntax-highlighting
* try to bring back lists needed to do the configuration per scheme
* Use KSyntaxHighlighting::Definition::isDelimiter()
* make can break bit more like in word code
* no linked list without any reason
* cleanup properties init
* fix order of formats, remember definition in highlighting bag
* handle invalid formats / zero length formats
* remove more old implementation parts, fixup some accessors to use the format stuff
* fix indentation based folding
* remove exposure of context stack in doHighlight + fix ctxChanged
* start to store folding stuff
* rip out highlighting helpers, no longer needed
* remove need to contextNum, add FIXME-SYNTAX marker to stuff that needs to be fixed up properly
* adapt to includedDefinitions changes, remove contextForLocation, one only needs either keywords for location or spellchecking for location, can be implemented later
* remove more no longer used syntax highlighting things
* fixup the m_additionalData and the mapping for it a bit, should work for attributes, not for context
* create initial attributes, still without real attribute values, just a list of something
* call the highlighting
* derive from abstract highlighter, set definition

### KWallet Framework

* Move example from techbase to own repo

### KWayland

* Sync set/send/update methods
* Add serial number and EISA ID to OutputDevice interface
* Output device color curves correction
* Fix memory management in WaylandOutputManagement
* Isolate every test within WaylandOutputManagement
* OutputManagement fractional scaling

### KWidgetsAddons

* Create a first example of the use of KMessageBox
* Fix two bugs in KMessageWidget
* [KMessageBox] Call style for icon
* Add workaround for labels with word-wrapping (bug 396450)


* Make Konqi look good in HiDPI
* Add missing parenthese

### NetworkManagerQt

* Require NetworkManager 1.4.0 and newer
* manager: add support to R/W the GlobalDnsConfiguration property
* Actually allow to set the refresh rate for device statistics

### Plasma Framework

* Workaround bug with native rendering and opacity in TextField text (bug 396813)
* [Icon Item] Watch KIconLoader icon change when using QIcon (bug 397109)
* [Icon Item] Use ItemEnabledHasChanged
* Get rid of deprecated QWeakPointer usage
* Fix style sheet for 22-22-system-suspend (bug 397441)
* Improve Widgets' removal and configure text

### Solid

* solid/udisks2: Add support for categorized logging
* [Windows Device] Show device label only if there is one
* Force reevaluation of Predicates if interfaces are removed (bug 394348)

### Sonnet

* hunspell: Restore build with hunspell <=v1.5.0
* Include hunspell headers as system includes

### syndication

New module

### Syntax Highlighting

* highlight 20000 lines per testcase
* make highlighting benchmark more reproducable, we anyways want to measure this execution with e.g. perf from the outside
* Tune KeywordList lookup & avoid allocations for implicit capture group
* remove captures for Int, never implemented
* deterministic iteration of tests for better result comparison
* handle nested include attributes
* update Modula-2 highlighting (bug 397801)
* precompute attribute format for context & rules
* avoid word delimiter check at start of keyword (bug 397719)
* Add syntax highlighting for SELinux kernel policy language
* Add syntax highlighting for SELinux kernel policy language
* hide bestCandidate, can be static function inside file
* Add some improvements to kate-syntax-highlighter for use in scripting
* added := as a valid part of an identifier
* use our own input data for benchmarking
* try to fix line ending issue in compare of results
* try trivial diff output for Windows
* add defData again for valid state check
* decrease StateData space by more than 50% and half the number of needed mallocs
* improve performance of Rule::isWordDelimiter and KeywordListRule::doMatch
* Improve skip offset handling, allow to skip full line on no match
* check extensions wildcard list
* more asterisk hl, I tried some asterisk configs, they are just ini style, use .conf as ini ending
* fix highlighting for #ifdef _xxx stuff (bug 397766)
* fix wildcards in files
* MIT relicensing of KSyntaxHighlighting done
* JavaScript: add binaries, fix octals, improve escapes & allow Non-ASCII identifiers (bug 393633)
* Allow to turn of the QStandardPaths lookups
* Allow to install syntax files instead of having them in a resource
* handle context switch attributes of the contexts themself
* change from static lib to object lib with right pic setting, should work for shared + static builds
* avoid any heap allocation for default constructed Format() as used as "invalid"
* honor cmake variable for static vs. dynamic lib, like e.g. karchive
* MIT relicensing, https://phabricator.kde.org/T9455
* remove old add_license script, no longer needed
* Fix includedDefinitions, handle definition change in context switch (bug 397659)
* SQL: various improvements and fix if/case/loop/end detection with SQL (Oracle)
* fix reference files
* SCSS: update syntax. CSS: fix Operator and Selector Tag highlighting
* debchangelog: add Bookworm
* Relicense Dockerfile to MIT license
* Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes
* remove the no longer supported configuration part of the spellchecking that always had just one mode we now hardcode
* Add syntax highlighting support for Stan
* Revert "Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes"
* add back indenter
* Optimize many syntax highlighting files and fix the '/' char of SQL
* Modelines: add byte-order-mark & small fixes
* Relicense modelines.xml to MIT license (bug 198540)
* Add QVector<QPair<QChar, QString>> Definition::characterEncodings() const
* Add bool Definition::foldingEnabled() const
* Add "None" highlighting to repository per default
* Update Logtalk language syntax support
* Add Autodesk EAGLE sch and brd file format to the XML category
* C# highlighting: Prefer C-Style indenter
* AppArmor: update syntax and various improvements/fixes
* Java: add binaries & hex-float, and support underscores in numbers (bug 386391)
* Cleanup: indentation was moved from general to language section
* Definition: Expose command markers
* Add highlighting of JavaScript React
* YAML: fix keys, add numbers and other improvements (bug 389636)
* Add bool Definition::isWordWrapDelimiter(QChar)
* Definition: Rename isDelimiter() to isWordDelimiter()
* Note KF6 API improvement ideas from the KTE porting
* Provide a valid format for empty lines too
* Make Definition::isDelimiter() also work for invalid definitions
* Definition: Expose bool isDelimiter() const
* Sort returned formats in Definition::formats() by id

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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