KDE Frameworks 5.46.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun May 6 22:10:28 UTC 2018

On dimanche 6 mai 2018 22:10:58 CEST Rik Mills wrote:
> On 05/05/18 16:13, David Faure wrote:
> > Dear packagers,
> > 
> > KDE Frameworks 5.46.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.
> > 
> > New frameworks: none this time.
> > 
> > Public release next Saturday.
> > 
> > Thanks for the packaging work!
> Perhaps it is not convenient with the current scripting, but would it be
> possible to get a preliminary changelog when the tars are 1st spun?

That's definitely possible, I'll do that from now on.

Here it is.

David Faure, faure at kde.org, http://www.davidfaure.fr
Working on KDE Frameworks 5
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### Baloo

* Avoid infinite loops when fetching the URL from DocumentUrlDB (bug 393181)
* Add Baloo DBus signals for moved or removed files
* Install pri file for qmake support & document it in metainfo.yaml
* baloodb: Add clean command
* balooshow: Colorize only when attached to terminal
* Remove FSUtils::getDirectoryFileSystem
* Avoid hardcoding of filesystems supporting CoW
* Allow disabling of CoW to fail when not supported by filesystem
* databasesanitizer: Use flags for filtering
* Fix merging of terms in the AdvancedQueryParser
* Use QStorageInfo instead of a homegrown implementation
* sanitizer: Improve device listing
* Immediately apply termInConstruction when term is complete
* Handle adjacent special characters correctly (bug 392620)
* Add test case for parsing of double opening '((' (bug 392620)
* Use statbuf consistently

### Breeze Icons

* Add plasma-browser-integration system tray icon
* Add Virt-manager icon thanks to ndavis
* Add video-card-inactive
* overflow-menu as view-more-symbolic, and horizontal
* Use the more appropriate "two sliders" icon for "configure"

### Extra CMake Modules

* Include FeatureSummary before calling set_package_properties
* Don't install plugins within lib on android
* Make it possible to build several apk out of a project
* Check if the application androiddeployqt package has a main() symbol

### KCompletion

* [KLineEdit] Use Qt's built-in clear button functionality
* Fix KCompletionBox on wayland

### KCoreAddons

* [KUser] Check whether .face.icon is actually readable before returning it
* Make KJob signals public so Qt5 connect syntax can work

### KDeclarative

* Load NV graphics reset based on config
* [KUserProxy] Adjust to accounts service (bug 384107)
* Plasma mobile optimizations
* Make room for footer and header
* new resize policy (bug 391910)
* support actions visibility
* Support nvidia reset notifications in QtQuickViews

### KDED

* Add platform detection and adjustment to kded (automatic setting of $QT_QPA_PLATFORM)

### KFileMetaData

* Add description and purpose to Xattr dep
* extractors: Hide warnings from system headers
* fix detection of taglib when compiling for Android
* Install pri file for qmake support & document it in metainfo.yaml
* Make concatenated strings wrappable
* ffmpegextractor: Silence deprecation warnings
* taglibextractor: Fix empty genre bug
* handle more tags in taglibextractor

### KHolidays #

* holidays/plan2/holiday_sk_sk - Teacher's Day fix (bug 393245)

### KI18n

* [API dox] New UI marker @info:placeholder
* [API dox] New UI marker @item:valuesuffix
* Don't need to run previous iterations commands again (bug 393141)

### KImageFormats

* [XCF/GIMP loader] Raise maximimum allowed image size to 32767x32767 on 64 bit platforms (bug 391970)

### KIO

* Thumbnail smooth scaling in filepicker (bug 345578)
* KFileWidget: Perfectly align filename widget with icon view
* KFileWidget: Save places panel width also after hiding panel
* KFileWidget: Prevent places panel width from growing 1px iteratively
* KFileWidget: Disable zoom buttons once reached minimum or maximum
* KFileWidget: Set minimum size for zoom slider
* Don't select file extension
* concatPaths: process empty path1 correctly
* Improve grid icon layout in filepicker dialog (bug 334099)
* Hide KUrlNavigatorProtocolCombo if there is just one protocol supported
* Only show supported schemes in KUrlNavigatorProtocolCombo
* Filepicker reads thumbs preview from Dolphin settings (bug 318493)
* Add Desktop and Downloads to the default list of Places
* KRecentDocument now stores QGuiApplication::desktopFileName instead of applicationName
* [KUrlNavigatorButton] Also don't stat MTP
* getxattr takes 6 parameters in macOS (bug 393304)
* Add a "Reload" menu item to KDirOperator's context menu (bug 199994)
* Save the dialog view settings even when canceling (bug 209559)
* [KFileWidget] Hardcode example user name
* Don't show top "Open With" app for folders; only for files
* Detect incorrect paramenter in findProtocol
* Use text "Other Application..." in "Open With" submenu
* Correctly encode URL of thumbnails (bug 393015)
* Tweak column widths in tree view of file open/save dialogs (bug 96638)

### Kirigami

* Don't warn when using Page {} outside of a pageStack
* Rework InlineMessages to address a number of issues
* fix on Qt 5.11
* base on units for toolbutton size
* color close icon on hover
* show a margin under the footer when needed
* fix isMobile
* also fade on open/close anim
* include the dbus stuff only on unix-non android, non apple
* watch the tabletMode from KWin
* on desktop mode show actions on hover (bug 364383)
* handle in the top toolbar
* use a gray close button
* less applicationwindow dependency
* less warnings without applicationwindow
* work correctly without applicationWindow
* Don't have a non-integral size on separators
* Don't show the actions if they are disabled
* checkable FormLayout items
* use different icons in the color set example
* include icons only on android
* make it work with Qt 5.7

### KNewStuff

* Fix double margins around DownloadDialog
* Fix hints in UI files about subclasses of custom widgets
* Don't offer qml plugin as a link target

### KPackage Framework

* Add donate urls to test data

### KPeople

* Fix PersonSortFilterProxyModel filtering

### Kross

* Also make installation of translated docs optional

### KRunner

* DBus runner servicename wildcard support

### KTextEditor

* optimization of KTextEditor::DocumentPrivate::views()
* [ktexteditor] much faster positionFromCursor
* Implement single click on line number to select line of text
* Fix missing bold/italic/... markup with modern Qt versions (>= 5.9)

### Plasma Framework

* Fix not shown event marker in calendar with air & oxygen themes
* Use "Configure %1..." for text of applet configure action
* [Button Styles] Fill height and vertical align (bug 393388)
* add video-card-inactive icon for system tray
* coorect look for flat buttons
* [Containment Interface] Don't enter edit mode when immutable
* make sure largespacing is perfect multiple of small
* call addContainment with proper paramenters
* Don't show the background if Button.flat
* ensure the containment we created has the activity we asked for
* add a version containmentForScreen with activity
* Don't alter memory management to hide an item (bug 391642)

### Purpose

* Make sure we give some vertical space to configuration plugins
* Port KDEConnect plugin config to QQC2
* Port AlternativesView to QQC2

### QQC2StyleBridge

* export layout paddings from qstyle, start from Control
* [ComboBox] Fix mouse wheel handling
* make the mousearea not interfere with controls
* fix acceptableInput

### Solid

* Update mount point after mount operations (bug 370975)
* Invalidate property cache when an interface is removed
* Avoid creating duplicate property entries in the cache
* [UDisks] Optimize several property checks
* [UDisks] Correct handling of removable file systems (bug 389479)

### Sonnet

* Fix remove enable/disable button
* Fix enable/disable add button
* Look into subdirectories for dictionaries

### Syntax Highlighting

* Update project URL
* 'Headline' is a comment, so base it on dsComment
* Add highlighting for GDB command listings and gdbinit files
* Add syntax highlighting for Logcat

### Security information

The released code has been GPG-signed using the following key:
pub rsa2048/58D0EE648A48B3BB 2016-09-05 David Faure <faure at kde.org>
Primary key fingerprint: 53E6 B47B 45CE A3E0 D5B7  4577 58D0 EE64 8A48 B3BB

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