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Sebastian Kügler sebas at
Mon Mar 12 10:15:05 UTC 2018

Hi David,

On zaterdag 10 maart 2018 09:15:17 CET David Faure wrote:
> On mercredi 7 mars 2018 13:43:44 CET Sandro Knauß wrote:
> > > Earlier versions used to have an API for programmatic access. Not sure
> > > about now, but I assume so.
> > We also have a library for that: kde/pim/kblog. That gives you a Qt
> > interface for several CMS API including wordpress...
> But our announcement pages are not blogs. Will this allow me to not only add
> pages (not blog posts) and to edit the main page?
> I would be so happy if someone would figure out all this and provide me with
> a command-line solution for adding KF5 release info pages and inserting
> text into the main page... I didn't sign up for figuring out webby stuff 

We're currently collecting requirements which aren't satisfied by the new 
wordpress backend, "not making dfaure a webmaster" is among them (in different 
wording). :-)

sebas |

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