KHolidays in Applications and Frameworks

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Mon Jan 29 00:38:41 UTC 2018


this discussion is an outcome of an discussion with distributions , that were 
asking us, what they need to do now. That's why I thought, it may make sense 
to add an text to the release announcement. Because better to much  
information than too less. I think "it'll just work", is a hope - we made as 
much as the think is necessary to reach this hope - but in the end we will see 
the outcome, when distribution will start packaging it. 

I'm not against skipping my text in the announcement or rephrase it or what 
ever... it was just one thought - oh I got response from distros, they do not 
understand what they need to do now and this was my idea to solve this issue.

> > > Since we think "it'll just work", why bother the user?
> > 
> > I suppose that's rather a message for the packagers than for the end
> > users.

Just a side note:

I think, that not very much "end user" are reading the announcement for 
Frameworks[0] or the update notices for Applications .1 [1] there are too less 
information for a end user and only lists of fixed things and those are being 
read mostly by maintainers or highly technical educated people. Me personally, 
I find those release notes helpful as maintainer for Debian to see what is 
going on and if a bug I see in Debian is maybe already been fixed...
In contrast the Applications notes[2] for a .0 are really great stuff for end 
users... Don't get me wrong here: I am really have a lot respect for the 
people doing the work and writing the release notes I could not do that! 
Thanks a lot for  nudging all developer and creating a release notes out of 
those little pieces. And in the end all the translators translating those...

And please - no flame war about "who is the current target group of the 
release notes". It is my feeling about the target group of the release notes, 
that's why I wrote the text with many technical terms, I'm not a native tongue 
and wanted to write a text that may help others to formulate a better one...



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