KHolidays in Applications and Frameworks

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Fri Jan 26 10:46:48 UTC 2018


the question came up, what to do with 17.12.2 and 17.12.3 releases according 
KHoldidays. As you may know KHolidays has moved from KDEPim (Applications) to 
Frameworks and will be released within the next Frameworks release  (5.43) 
too. So for 17.12.2 and 17.12.3 users can get kHolidays from both bundles. So 
what to do? 

I think it is not an big issue shipping the KHolidays in both bundels. As 
frameworks is released from master and Applications has it own branch, we only 
need to make sure, that all bugfixes that are released for Applications are 
merged into master, but this is the default workflow anyways. If users already 
switched to Frameworks  version, should following using Frameworks version and 
not switch back. For users not updated to Frameworks version can just follow 
using the version from Applications. 

So I would argue, that we should not do any special treating for KHolidays and 
just ship two months a nearly the same tarball in both bundles.

It makes sense to add some lines to the next release announcement of 17.12.2 
and next Frameworks release:

KHolidays is moved from KDEPim (Applications) to Frameworks. We tried to not 
break your workflow. You have two options. Either you switch to Frameworks 
version and stick to it and do not build and use KHolidays from KDE 
Applications anymore. Or you continue using  KHolidays from KDE Applications 
17.12.X releases. The versions in Frameworks and Applications do only differ 
in some cleanup and the version number. In theory a smooth less switch should 
be possible without rebuilding depending packages as ABI is the same. We the 
KDEPim team (kde-pim at, #kontact) also wants to move more packages from 
Applications to Frameworks in future. We are interested in your feedback, what 
can be improved to make it even more smoothless switch for the next packages.


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