Critical bug in libkleo v18.11.80 and v18.11.90

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Mon Dec 10 19:39:54 GMT 2018

Hi Andre,

> rev. db3fd6ea8c6619da75b9903a90fffc0f9330cf12 created a bug in libkleo that
> most keyfilters (which are also used by KMail's signing key selection) show
> random behavior because an uninitalized variable is used for filtering.
> This was directly fixed in master but I only just realized that the fix did
> not make it in the Applications branch. I now pushed the fix to the
> Applications/ 18.12 branch ( 95d1078933d7c3cd6dee5477211aa9486b43cbff )
> Sorry,...
> So if you get reports in the Betas about key selection showing random
> behavior, this is the reason.

We should inform release-team and also the distribution list, so they are 
aware of it.


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