do you need write access?

David Edmundson david at
Thu Aug 23 15:40:51 BST 2018

I'm trying to get things going again.

>I would be so happy if someone would figure out all this and provide me
with a
command-line solution for adding KF5 release info pages and inserting text
into the main page... I didn't sign up for figuring out webby stuff ;-)

I've been having a play with a python wordpress xmlrpc library, adding
pages/blogs is super super easy.

I can either write a wrapper script that takes title/date/whatever and a
path to a textfile to upload, or we can mod scripts to upload directly.
Release scripts will still need some tweaking for new formatting syntax and
to remove cruft like manually inserting headers and footers.

Can you (Frameworks release mangers and Applications release managers) link
me to your scripts and I'll be happy to work on those changes.

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