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Daniel Vrátil me at dvratil.cz
Thu Aug 16 15:21:39 BST 2018

On Thursday, 16 August 2018 15:07:17 CEST Christoph Feck wrote:
> On 16.08.2018 14:59, David Faure wrote:
> > On jeudi 16 août 2018 14:51:58 CEST Christoph Feck wrote:
> >> Hi packagers,
> >> 
> >> here is the respin for 18.08.0 tarball:
> >> 
> >> akonadi Applications/18.08
> >> 404429689be019c8671c83970ad10488a8ffc55c
> >> 5439a9c1cb698bf1b960c644980297d528f539a303062ffb9fe2b820782dc4e6
> >> sources/akonadi-18.08.0.tar.xz
> > 
> > Wait, we really need 5a5d3ee27 (from akonadi git repo) in 18.08 as well,
> > to avoid a data loss in at least one non-KDE application based on Akonadi
> > [and possibly in korganizer/kaddressbook/etc. as well, I didn't check].
> Any more critical bugs in the pipeline? Should we postpone release to
> tomorrow or next week in case more fixes are made?

Hi Christoph,

as far as I know this was the last issue we had fixed that would've broken PIM 
for many users. No doubt there will be more fixes after Akademy, that nothing 
critical is left in pipeline are think (IOW David can read and send emails and 
use FatCRM).

I'm really sorry for the late fixes, I haven't realized the release was *this* 
close and Akademy was a perfect place to sit down with people who can actually 
reproduce theses issues and debug them.

I think you can go forth with the release (including 5a5d3ee27 from akonadi) .


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