Minimum Frameworks version for Applications

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Mon Aug 13 23:53:10 BST 2018


> there is no minimum required KF5 version for Applications, afaik. You can
> require the most recent KF5 as long as you bump the dependency in cmake
> before the dependency freeze of the next Applications release.

Technically this is correct and if it is needed, than no way to argue against 
depending on the newest Framework version as dependency. Because the idea of 
the monthly releases it that you as Applications do not need to hold 
workarounds for bugs in Frameworks.

On the other side please think about distributions. If the dependencies are 
unnecessary high if may result in a delay for distributions to ship your 
application. I recommend to be inform in advanced if you need such a new 
Frameworks so distributions can prepare better for this.

KDE Pim depend on 5.47 Frameworks for Applications 18.08 and we do updating 
this dependency by tooling (me personally do not like this automatic bump). So 
other applications can use the same dependency... 

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