KDE Applications 18.07.90 (18.08-rc) packages available for packagers

Christoph Feck cfeck at kde.org
Fri Aug 3 02:08:15 BST 2018

Hello packagers,

*.tar.xz files are available at the usual "unstable" location.

Many changes since the beta, please test thoroughly.

     I got errors while packaging 'kdepim-runtime'
     (for LANG in: es it nl ru uk):

     cp: cannot stat 
No such file or directory

     Any idea if this is needs to be fixed by i18n or kdepim team?

Please report issues, release for the RC is planned tomorrow.

REVISIONS_AND_HASHES at https://paste.kde.org/pezgfbhau

Shortlog since v18.07.80 at https://paste.kde.org/pukfgx2tt

My public key at 

Christoph Feck

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