Moving 'KStars' to extragear

Christoph Feck cfeck at
Thu Nov 9 22:09:55 UTC 2017

On 09.11.2017 22:12, Jasem Mutlaq wrote:
> Hello,
> Go ahead, but we'd like to keep the current page
> since it's been used for KStars for the last 17 years. Also, all ours files
> used for KNewStuff should not be changed or moved. Furthermore, any move
> should not affect translations.

Being in 'extragear' only moves the responsibility for making tarballs 
and announcing releases, the other infrastructure (bugtracker, website, 
GHNS, etc.) will not change. In particular, KStars continues to be part 
of KDE-edu, and especially proud part of the KDE community.

Since translations are part of the releases, you could/should use our 
'releaseme' scripts[1] to fetch translations and make them part of the 
tarballs. If you have further questions about these scripts, please ask 
here or on the 'kde-devel' list.


Regarding translations, you have to respect that translators need some 
time to update translations after code changes. Please inform them ahead 
of your release schedule.

Additionally, it is recommended that you use a different branch either 
for releases (stable) or for development of new features (unstable). 
Using 'master' for both is likely to cause an uproar from our 
translation teams, because strings could change multiple times during 
development. We have recommendations for naming branches, see [2].


Once you found a suitable policy for your branches, please write to the 
'kde-i18n-doc' mailing list. Without further notice, translations would 
only be maintained for the 'master' branch, because there will be no 
'KDE Applications/17.12' branch.

Regarding the CI, we currently only test all of 'KDE Applications' but 
only selected repositories from extragear. If you need testing coverage 
integration, please inform our sysadmins about the branch(es) you want 
to cover.

If I missed anything, hopefully someone else from the release team can 
add further clarifications. Also, note that we have other KDE-edu 
applications, such as GCompris and LabPlot, that are not part of the KDE 
Applications package, so developers there might have additional tips.

> Regards,
> Jasem
> On Thu, Nov 9, 2017 at 11:56 PM, Christoph Feck <cfeck at> wrote:
>> Hi,
>> KStars developers can no longer align to the KDE Applications release
>> schedules[1]. Development in KStars happens faster than we release our
>> monthly packages.
>> The result is that since July 2017 several KStars 2.8.x releases were
>> announced, that were not available to users using our packages[2].
>> Additionally, bug fixes were since then not committed to the intended 'KDE
>> Applications/17.08' branch[3].
>> The referenced bug report shows the confusion this causes to our users.
>> I had hoped that my comments there could help to find a different
>> solution, but given the outcome, I propose to move KStars to 'extragear' to
>> allow KStars developers to use a tighter schedule.
>> If in the future the development can again be aligned, KStars can
>> certainly be accommodated again.
>> [1]
>> [2]
>> [3]

Christoph Feck

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