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Christoph Feck cfeck at
Thu Nov 9 20:01:16 UTC 2017

On 09.11.2017 18:07, Wolfgang Bauer wrote:
> Am Donnerstag, 9. November 2017, 17:33:36 schrieb Heiko Becker:
>> I just gave the current frameworks branch a try and I can't get it to
>> download anything, even with the multisegment plugin disabled. The file
>> is added to the list, but the download never starts.
> Hm, it worked fine in my testings (and I just tried again to be sure), I only
> saw such a problem with the multisegment plugin enabled...
> Could you provide a link you tried to add so I can try to reproduce it?
> Does it work if you manually start the download?
> What status is displayed?
>> Seeing such basic things being broken I'm not overly optimistic about
>> merging before 17.12. Perhaps the better course of action would be  to
>> polish it, so that it can rejoin the applications release with 18.04?
> I agree of course, if there are critical problems (like this one seems to be).
> One question though: would it be acceptable to merge now (to have it scheduled
> for 17.12 at least), and remove it from the release if the problem cannot be
> fixed in time?
> I won't merge unless I get a positive answer... (which I don't really expect
> though)
>> Additionally, I noticed it doesn't migrate the KDELibs4 config, although
>> that's IMO not a blocker for the merge.
> Yes, I plan to add this during the weekend.

Hi Wolfgang,

let's consider all alternatives:

1. We do not release the KF5 port with 17.12: People who rely on kget 
(and I even know people who use it as their only KDE application) would 
need to continue using the KDE4 version, or find an alternative.

2. We release a "half-working" KF5 port: Same resolution as above.

3. We release a KF5 port with no regressions: Win!

Given that option 1 is not any better than option 2, I am all for 
merging the exising work branch to 'master' (today or tomorrow). Should 
we not be able to stabilize it, distributions could continue to release 
the 17.08.3 version, as with option 1.

Christoph Feck

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