KGet frameworks branch

Heiko Becker heirecka at
Thu Nov 9 16:33:36 UTC 2017


On 11/09/17 15:03, Wolfgang Bauer wrote:
> So, are there any remaining objections if I merge frameworks to master today? 
> (Or will somebody else do it? I already tried locally and there are no 
> conflicts...)

I just gave the current frameworks branch a try and I can't get it to
download anything, even with the multisegment plugin disabled. The file
is added to the list, but the download never starts.
Seeing such basic things being broken I'm not overly optimistic about
merging before 17.12. Perhaps the better course of action would be  to
polish it, so that it can rejoin the applications release with 18.04?

Additionally, I noticed it doesn't migrate the KDELibs4 config, although
that's IMO not a blocker for the merge.

> I committed most of my fixes yesterday.
> One is still in review though:
> And I still have to commit some "cosmetical" fixes to the transfer history 
> dialog, minor though (there are no icons displayed, and the spacing is 
> wrong/missing)


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