KGet frameworks branch

Wolfgang Bauer wbauer at
Wed Nov 8 17:52:38 UTC 2017

Am Mittwoch, 8. November 2017, 16:54:12 schrieben Sie:
> About merging the kf5 work branch to master that late (we've had more than
> two years to do the porting), I'm honestly not very thrilled about it.

Yes, and in those two years it has been ported and work has been done in the 
frameworks branch.

I merely fixed problems I noticed that were still there in the port.

About "this late", I wasn't aware of any deadline other than the dependency 

I can understand your concerns to some degree, but the alternative would be to 
drop it.
So I decided to step up to (hopefully) prevent that.

If you feel better, I'd agree to disable the multiseg plugin right away (and 
only enable it again when I manage to fix it).
As I wrote, kget seems to work fine without it here, with a few more fixes I 
haven't committed yet (these are just fixes for porting bugs though, some of 
them one-liners even).

> Are you subscribed to the kget bugs in Bugzilla?  Would you volunteer to be?

No, I'm not subscribed.
But yes, I would volunteer if necessary.

And I do intend to work further on it, e.g. completely porting it away from 
kdelibs4support (that's out of scope for 17.12 though).

Kind Regards,

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