KDE Applications 17.12 proposed schedule

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Wed Nov 8 13:38:16 UTC 2017

We will drop then we branch, so some when between tomorrow and the beta next week

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  On dc., nov. 8, 2017 at 12:57, Andreas Sturmlechner<andreas.sturmlechner at gmail.com> wrote:   On Thursday, 5 October 2017 at 18:48, Albert Astals Cid wrote:
> El dijous, 7 de setembre de 2017, a les 20:02:47 CEST, Albert Astals Cid va 
> > https://community.kde.org/Schedules/Applications/17.12_Release_Schedule
> Approved.

Following up on that, tomorrow is scheduled 17.12 dependency freeze - I guess 
this is the deadline for the remaining kdelibs4-rdeps to make it or not?


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