Plasma 5.10 beta tars available

Jonathan Riddell jr at
Thu May 11 16:07:04 UTC 2017

Tars for Plasma 5.10 beta are available for packagers on racnoss

Announcement also up for reviewing
Source info page

Plasma Vault is a new plasmoid that didn't get included in this release but here is an unstable tar for testing

Plasma 5.10 needs KDE Frameworks 5.34 which is due for release on Saturday.  All being well Plasma 5.10 beta will be released on Monday.

Plasma 5.8.7 LTS is due out on Tue 23 May

Plasma 5.10 tars will be made on Thu 25 May with final release due on Monday 30 May.

Plasma Git Modules have now been branched with Plasma/5.10 branches,
developers please fix these for the next two weeks.  No new features
or new strings or anything risky, that can go into master branches.

Distros may want to update their live image information

tosky is branching translations now

Happy bugfixing.


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