Pre-alert for kdesdk-kioslaves/Frameworks in Applications 17.04

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Tue Mar 21 22:59:20 UTC 2017

Albert Astals Cid ha scritto:
> El diumenge, 19 de març de 2017, a les 22:25:16 CET, Michael Pyne va escriure:
>> On Sun, Mar 19, 2017 at 05:23:12PM +0100, Luigi Toscano wrote:

>>> So, I'm open to ideas: if you think that it's fine as it is (i.e. you can
>>> show something, which is more than the current useless kio which only
>>> works for kdelibs4 applications or through kioclient(4)), then I can
>>> merge frameworks into master.
>> I'm biased but I think it's better than nothing.  These kind of features
>> need more/better discoverability though. :(
> I'm with Michael here, better something that kind of works (and we can 
> hopefully fix before release) than something that doesn't work at all.

Thank you all. I merged it into Applications/17.04 and master (simply
fast-forward), updated the build information (green jobs on build.k.o), moved
the translations.


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