kholidays-16.12.3 depfreeze broken

Andreas Sturmlechner asturm at
Fri Mar 10 13:14:35 UTC 2017

Merge commit c8f9b01c480de6bc561fa96289260e2bb82d4a1e bumped cmake min version 

Attached patch might fix it, unless you want to blacklist.


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On Friday, 10 March 2017 at 14:10, Andreas Sturmlechner wrote:

> master was merged twice into Applications/16.12 branch and bumped 
> cmake minimum version and PIM_VERSION.
> Bad (version bumping/dropping) commits:
> c714ab94bc5d3f82e6de135798f905f27f19fc64
> 065c4028f97268466b22afb59eae2cbb37994a40
> 4594308464a3ee8386c6e85e643dc7dac052e250
> This will need a tarball respin.
> Best regards,
> Andreas
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