Frameworks 5.32: request of respin for KDocTools

David Faure faure at
Fri Mar 10 06:59:23 UTC 2017

On jeudi 9 mars 2017 23:35:29 CET Luigi Toscano wrote:
> Hi,
> I fixed an error which broke the compilation of KDocTools, with MSVC, see
> Thanks Kevin Funk for testing it on the fly.
> Could you please include the commit in the release?


kdoctools v5.32.0-rc2
494bcefdb8464d6292c2bebecf3e8ac1644617717e6c6672d3801b1ecf7bff44  sources/kdoctools-5.32.0.tar.xz

Linux distros don't necessarily need to redo their packages, I only included the MSVC fix.

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