Applications 17.12 as LTS release?

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Mon Jul 31 15:00:42 UTC 2017

In data lunedì 31 luglio 2017 16:19:52 CEST, David Faure ha scritto:


> with inconvenience and bugs on top). Why? Because while KMail is recent
> (17.04.2), the Qt version in that release is Qt 5.6.2. For no good reason
> IMHO, just because it was stamped LTS.

This is very distro-specific, however. In particular in this version Qt isn't 
maintained by the community packagers, but comes from the "enterprise" side. 
And the enterprise side is sticking with (but also maintaining) the LTS 
present at time of the version freeze.

This might be worth discussing in distributions at ko though, as it is a matter 
on its own.

> I don't object to a KDE Applications LTS, but please please make sure to use
> a recent enough Qt version under that, and not sticking with the same old
> and insufficient Qt version for several years.

At least for the next Leap version I know it will be 5.9, the newest LTS at 
this time.

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