Applications 17.12 as LTS release?

Elvis Angelaccio elvis.angelaccio at
Mon Jul 31 10:19:48 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I'd like to discuss whether we can make the next Applications release an 
LTS release. What would be needed from a practical point of view? (changes 
to release/i18n scripts, etc.?)

About the schedule, I think we could release the LTS tarballs the same day 
we release the usual bugfix tarballs:

* release of 17.12.1
* release of 17.12.2
* release of 17.12.3
* release of 18.04.1 + release of 17.12.4
* release of 18.04.2 + release of 17.12.5
* release of 18.04.3 + release of 17.12.6
* release of 18.08.1 + release of 17.12.7
* release of 18.08.2 + release of 17.12.8
* release of 18.08.3 + release of 17.12.9

... and so on.

Motivations for making 17.12 an LTS release:

* 17.12 due in December, next Plasma LTS due in January.
* New openSUSE and Ubuntu LTS releases due next year.
* 17.12 won't have kdelibs4 applications, so it would be a 'stable' target.

Of course we should ask distributions if they actually need an LTS for 
Applications (I can send another mail at distributions at after we 
agree that an LTS is doable), but I don't see why they wouldn't.



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