Requesting an emergency Plasma release

Martin Flöser mgraesslin at
Sat Jul 1 17:15:42 UTC 2017

Hi all,

the fix we did for NVIDIA in Plasma 5.10.3 introduced a regression which 
can result in a freeze on startup. The bug is

The problem is that we perform a checkGLError in the initialization 
code. The robustness extension has the unfortunate behavior that it's 
error does not get cleared when calling glGetError.

Our code looks like this:
     while (err != GL_NO_ERROR) {
         qCWarning(LIBKWINGLUTILS) << "GL error (" << txt << "): " << 
         hasError = true;
         err = glGetError();

So whenever we get a context lost error we go into an endless loop. This 
is especially fun as the documentation of glGetError has (verbatim 
quote): "Thus, glGetError should always be called in a loop, until it 
returns GL_NO_ERROR, if all error flags are to be reset." - The problem 
we hit is not mentioned in any documentation, but if you google for it 
you see other projects hit it, like e.g. mutter. The daily OpenGL WTF.

This is a severe issue and thus I request an emergency release as soon 
as I have the patch ready.


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