LibKGAPI moved to KDE Applications

Daniel Vrátil dvratil at
Fri Feb 17 23:09:14 UTC 2017

Hi all,

a short announcement: LibKGAPI has been moved from extragear to become part of 
KDE Applications release. LibKGAPI is a library that implements various Google 
services APIs like Contacts, Calendars, Drive etc. It is primarily used by 
some KDE PIM components and by KIO GDrive. It will be included in KDE 
Applications 17.04 release. The library is now part of the KDE PIM suite, 
because that's the primary user of it.

That means that starting in April there will be a jump in versioning. The 
current version is 5.3.1, the next version will internally be 5.5.0 (to follow 
the versioning of other KDE PIM modules) and publicly 17.4.0

Most importantly, the name of the binaries have changed: previously the 
binaries were called libKF5GAPI*.so, starting with KDE Applications 17.04 
release the libraries will be called libKPimGAPI*.so to reflect that LibKGAPI 
is not a Framework (yet).

For developers, the name of the CMake config files have changed too, so you 
should use find_package(KPimGAPI) instead of find_package(KF5GAPI), although the 
latter will work for several more releases (CMake will print a deprecation 
warning though).


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