Status of kde-dev-utils

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Thu Feb 16 22:57:37 UTC 2017

Hi all,
I started the porting of kde-dev-utils to Frameworks. It was a educative
experience and I learned a lot (especially cleaning up oooold code), now I
have the question about two components. But let's me summarize the status,
starting from the more stable bits:

Ported, no KDELibs4Support, apparently on par with the old version.

Ported, no KDELibs4Support, apparently on par with the old version (and useful
to find which KParts misses the translation domain, for example)

A simple header with two macros which should be added to the code to get the
timing using QTime. Blindly ported, not tried yet.

blind port, not working currently (no performance measured), wondering whether
to investigate the magic that it does reading X properties or forget about it
in favour of KCacheGrind

It should debug malloc when GNU glibc is used, but:
- it still has Q3Support; I blindly applied the Frameworks porting scripts,
but of course it can't be compiled so far
- I can't even check the behavior of the kdelibs4 version because it seems to
run forever even on a small log generated by the tracing part.

So if anyone more used to profiling tools (maybe we should CC the kdevelop
list too) could take a look at the last three and see whether it's worth
fixing it or they have better replacements in place, it would be good.


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