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Thu Aug 17 12:14:33 UTC 2017

El dimecres, 16 d’agost de 2017, a les 16:33:40 CEST, Valorie Zimmerman va 
> Hello folks, I noticed that there was not much progress on the release
> announcement text, and I had some time last night, so I worked up an
> announcement text based on those we've had in the past, and the notes
> left by developers on
> https://notes.kde.org/p/applications_17.08_new_features .
> I found some of these notes rather difficult to make sense of, so
> please check! Here is the text so you need not login to notes just to
> see:
> KDE Ships KDE Applications 17.08.0
> Also available in:  English ...
> August 17, 2017
> KDE Applications 17.04 is here.
> We have worked to make both the applications and the underlying
> libraries more stable and easier to use. By ironing out wrinkles and
> listening to your feedback, we have made the KDE Applications suite
> less prone to glitches and much friendlier. Enjoy your new apps!
> We're pleased that the following applications which were based on
> kdelibs4 are now based on KDE Frameworks 5: kmag, kmousetool,
> kgoldrunner, kigo, konquest, kreversi, ksnakeduel, kspaceduel,
> ksudoku, kubrick, lskat, and umbrello. Thanks to the hard-working
> developers who volunteered their time and work to make that happen.
> Ktorrent, separately released, has also been updated to KDE Frameworks
> 5.
> What's new in 17.08
> Dolphin
> Dolphin developers report that Dolphin now shows "Deletion Time" in
> the Trash, and shows "Creation Time" if the OS supports it such as on
> BSDs.
> KIO-Extras
> Kio-Extras now provides better support for Samba shares.
> KAlgebra
> The KAlgebra developers have worked on improving their Kirigami
> front-end on the desktop, and implemented code completion.
> In KMailtransport, developers have reactivated akonadi transport
> support, created plugins support, and recreated sendmail mail
> transport support.
> In SieveEditor, a lot of bugs in autocreate scripts have been fixed
> and closed. Along with general bug-fixing, a regexp editor line-editor
> has been added.
> In KMail the ability to use an external editor has been recreated as a
> plugin. The Akonadi-import-wizard now has the "convert all converter" as a
> plugin, so that developers can create new converters easily.
> Kdepim*apps* now depends on Qt5.7. Developers have fixed a lot of
> compile errors on windows. All of kdepim does not compile on windows
> yet but the developers have made big progress. To begin, the
> developers created a craft-recipe for it. Much bug fixing has been
> done to modernize code (c++11) Wayland support on Qt 5.9.
> Kdepim-runtime adds a facebook resource.
> Kdenlive
> In Kdenlive, the team fixed the broken "Freeze effect." In recent
> versions, it was impossible to change the frozen frame for the freeze
> effect. Now a keyboard shortcut for Extract Frame feature is allowed.
> Now the user can save screenshots of their timeline with a keyboard
> shortcut, and a name is now suggested based on frame number
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=381325. Fix downloaded transition
> lumas do not appear in interface:
> https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=382451. Fix audio clicks issue
> (for now, requires building the dependency MLT from git until a MLT
> release): https://bugs.kde.org/show_bug.cgi?id=371849.
> Krfb
> Developers have finished porting the X11 plugin to Qt5, and krfb is
> working again using a X11 backend that is much faster than the Qt
> plugin. There's a new Settings page, allowing the user to change
> preferred framebuffer plugin.
> Konsole
> Konsole now allows unlimited scrollback to extend past 2GB (32bit)
> limit. Now Konsole allows users to enter any location to store
> scrollback files. Also, a regression was fixed, Konsole can once again
> allow KonsolePart to call the Manage Profile dialog.
> KAppTemplate
> In KAppTemplate there is now an option to install new templates from
> the filesystem. More templates have been removed from KAppTemplate and
> instead integrated  into related products; ktexteditor plugin template
> and kpartsapp template (ported to Qt5/KF5 now) have become part of KDE
> Frameworks KTextEditor and KParts since 5.37.0. These changes should
> simplify creation of templates in KDE applications.
> https://community.kde.org/Applications/17.08_Release_Notes

Used. (removed the mention of ktorrent, it's not part of KDE Applications so i 
don't think it makes sense).


> Valorie

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