Asking for an exception to include a feature into 17.08

Alexey Min alexey.min at
Fri Aug 4 20:54:30 UTC 2017

I just wanted to ask if it is acceptable to push to 17.08 branch before release?

In short, it would improve user experience by not making them manually
edit config file ~/.config/krfbrc.

In details: after removing old "x11" plugin and replacing it with
"xcb" (which was done in ) that
config file may have remaining incorrect "x11" saved setting, or as I
suggested in, "qt".
With D6319, users having "x11" will be automatically switched to
"xcb", and those having "qt", may go to "Settings -> Configure Desktop
Sharing..." and change preference there; in both cases avoiding manual
editing of config file.

Sorry for an inconvenience.

  Alexey Minnekhanov

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