KDE Telepathy as part of KDE Applications

Martin Klapetek mklapetek at kde.org
Wed Aug 2 15:52:20 UTC 2017

Hey guys,

I was long thinking about writing this email but kept putting it off,
but I think it's only fair towards everyone, especially our users so
here it goes finally.

The KDE Telepathy project is as of now unmaintained for over
a year. That means there is no active development nor bugfixes
except a few occasional patches from an uncooperative guy.
Nobody is handling the incoming bugs. The protocol support is
outdated, the KAccounts project is unmaintained (including the
upstream), I'm not sure about the upstream Telepathy project
but my guess is that it's also not in active development anymore

As the last maintainer of KDE Telepathy and KAccounts, I feel like
we're doing our users a disservice by shipping such outdated and
unmaintained software. Therefore I'd like to recommend to stop
shipping KDE Telepathy (all the ktp-* packages) as part of KDE
Applications, if just to not give the impression that this is still being

But I'd like to leave it at that - a recommendation from the previous
maintainer. If you guys still think it's worth being shipped, it's ok if you
continue so. I just wanted you to be aware of the state of the project
that we ship as our main IM solution.

Martin Klapetek | KDE Developer
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