Conflicting po files: proposal (Re: KDE Applications 17.04.0 packages available for packagers)

Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at
Sun Apr 30 15:33:20 UTC 2017

Luigi Toscano ha scritto:

> I checked all the files reported by Andreas. The files part of
> kdelibs/baloo/kactivities conflicts with files in Applications, Plasma and
> Frameworks

Followup: the conflicts have been solved in *master* for Plasma and of course
Frameworks, and Applications/17.04 for KDE Applications. The renamed files
included the list shown in the thread (from kdelibs) and other files which
conflicted with kde-runtime. To summarize:

- translations from KDE Applications >=17.04.1 won't conflict with the ones
from kdelibs/kde-runtime (including its own).

- translations from KDE Frameworks >= 5.34 won't conflict with the ones from
(any) version of kdelibs/kde-runtime.

- translations from Plasma >= 5.10 won't conflict with the ones from (any)
version of kdelibs/kde-runtime.

Please note that this applies only to translations for messages; I didn't go
through the translations for documentation yet. The numbers are lower there,
and as they are about documents which are shipped in newer versions, I would
suggest a compilation flag to leave those documents out by default from
kdelibs/kde-runtime, if feasible.

Errors and omissions excepted.


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