KDE Frameworks 5.20.0

David Faure faure at kde.org
Sun Mar 6 14:51:14 UTC 2016

On Sunday 06 March 2016 10:26:17 Antonio Rojas wrote:
> David Faure wrote:
> > Dear packagers,
> > 
> > KDE Frameworks 5.20.0 has been uploaded to the usual place.
> > 
> > New frameworks: none this time.
> > 
> > Public release next Saturday.
> > 
> > Thanks for the packaging work!
> What happened with https://www.mail-archive.com/kde-core-devel@kde.org/msg20595.html ?
> There is no kactivities-stats framework as announced. Can we get an update on the kactivities situation in 5.20? 

Good question.

The YAML file says "release: false" in kactivities-stats, so it wasn't included.

I don't know what's the status of the "ready for release" frameworks checklist for kactivities-stats.

Ivan ?
Was the plan to include kactivities-stats in 5.20 ?

At least the checklist item "should appear on https://build.kde.org/view/Frameworks%20kf5-qt5/" isn't fulfilled,
please ask sysadmins to add the CI job there.

Another issue I see is version:h saying
I only update the version numbers in the toplevel CMakeLists.txt file, so this has to be derived from that.
Such a mechanism is actually part of all frameworks out of the box, see kactivitiesstats_version.h
in the builddir.
I see 5.19 hardcoded in src/CMakeLists.txt too, please fix, looking at how other frameworks do this.

There might be more issues, please go through the checklist at

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