Which liist to use for non-KF5/non-Plasma/non-Applications product prerelease announcement to packagers?

Albert Astals Cid aacid at kde.org
Fri Jun 3 14:00:38 UTC 2016

El dimarts, 31 de maig de 2016, a les 2:33:19 CEST, Friedrich W. H. Kossebau 
va escriure:
> Am Montag, 30. Mai 2016, 23:09:11 CEST schrieb Albert Astals Cid:
> > El dilluns, 30 de maig de 2016, a les 18:14:40 CEST, Friedrich W. H.
> > Kossebau
> > 
> > va escriure:
> > > Hi,
> > > 
> > > for those libs/apps which are not released as part of "KF5", "Plasma" or
> > > "Applications", but with own release management/cycle, where would
> > > general
> > > KDE products interested packagers expect the announcements to be done?
> > 
> > For the announcements themselves
> > https://mail.kde.org/mailman/listinfo/kde-announce-apps
> > is in my opinion the correct list.
> > 
> > For pre-announcements besides the usual email to kde-i18n-doc so
> > translators can give a final touch to translations i guess release-team
> > wouldn't be bad to use (for "big things", nobody really cares today if
> > i'm going to release rsibreak tomorrow).
> Hm, why are you releasing rsibreak at all if you think nobody really cares
> about it? And are Gentoo users your only target group? :)

Am I that bad at writing? I said no-one cares for a preannouncement, not for 
an annoucement.

> We need to solve the following for the "small" and the "big" projects
> (especially as there is no definition what is "big"). which I thought would
> be in the interest of all project maintainers, well, then at least many:
> the big majority of the target group for the releases of KDE products are
> not people who compile things themselves. But people who are looking for
> and are relying on ready-to-install binaries/packages. Agreed?

Maybe, probably, i guess.

> And releases are done by us usually by just releasing tarballs with source
> code, so nothing the majority can make use of. That is changing these days,
> more and more KDE projects are also providing binaries themselves. Still,
> usually not for the classic linux/bsd/whatever distributions, where we, the
> KDE projects, rely on the packagers belonging to those linux distributions
> to do the packaging.
> And no matter if big or small, if KDE products have packages created for
> those linux/bsd/whatever distributions, they should be available on the day
> of the release (if possible, but packagers might be busy with other things
> after all). That is the very day when the release news will go around in
> the respective circles interested in that kind of software. That is the
> whole purpose of making a news item of the release, isn't it.
> Distro packagers, your call as well, please tell where and how you expect
> the "big" and "small" projects to ping you in time for the upcoming release
> and the tarballs to use for creating packages, so you have them ready in
> time for official release news?
> Think of Krita, KDevelop, Kexi, Calligra, Digikam, KXStitch, RSIBreak,
> GCompris, Kile, Krusader, Massif Visualizer, Kamoso, Yakuake, KMyMoney,
> Skrooge, Konversation, kdeconnect-kde, Krecipes, Kronometer, snorenotify,
> Purpose, Zanshin, and more I am missing here...
> how do you find out if there is new stuff to be distributed by you? And how
> would you like to find out about it?
> Or tell also if you do not care, even as rolling release distribution, and
> would rather like to see the KDE projects invest into
> appimages/flatpack/snap, when it comes to individual apps, libs and plugins
> we KDE projects create.

as we're fixacting about my comment on rsibreak i'll say that the archlinux 
package was available same day without any kind of preannouncement.

But yes traditional distros are a problem, and a preannounce usually doesn't 
fix what you mention since they will rarely udpate stuff unless you label it 
as a security problem, though this is changing lately and they are having side 
channels for people that want to get updated software too even if it's usually 
not enabled by default either.

> Motivation:
> I do not expect the average packager to have the time to follow all
> communication of all the projects they are doing packages from to find out
> when there is a new package to be created, at least this is my experience.
> So my hope is that by having a dedicated channel for just the "tarball
> uploaded, release planned for day xyz, please ping if you have packages
> that can be mentioned in the release news or report packaging problems"
> chances will be improved that users of linux distributions can have their
> packages on release day, in links from the release news. Like it starts to
> be the case for Windows and OSX, which hurts for what I am here.

Continuing on fixing on the rsibreak, I don't have such forward planning, some 
day i'll sit down and think "let's do a release", and do it.

One could say that is what differentiates a big project from a small one, the 
existence of a release plan that is obeyed.

So you're advocating to create a kde-release-preannounce list? Or use release-
team as that list?


> Cheers
> Friedrich
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