Should we make it easier and encourage bug reports to be send to distributions

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Fri Feb 5 12:58:06 UTC 2016


Yes and no from a person that is part of kdepim and as debian manatiner:

* I see it like Christophe, many bugs are already reported with debian 
bugtracker and the manpower is too low to push all relevant bugs upstream. So 
they are rotting in the debian bugtracker but should go upstream. This is a 
very bad situation at all.

* So far the most issues with packaging are mostly that we descide marke some 
dependencies as recommends and so users don't install them (like akonadi 
search). Okay this is distro specific bug and should be handled inside the 
distro. But most of the really packaging bugs, are also solved within debian, 
because users of debian unstable should know, that they first talk within 
debian - me haven't found nearly no bug in the b.k.o that are related within 
wrong packaging.

* For sure it would help a lot if the bugsystems from distributions and kde 
have better possibilities to link against each other. For KDE to push bugs to 
distros and distros to push them against KDE. So far in debian f.ex. if a 
forwared bug the upstream status of the bug is tracked and marked inside the 
bugreport, so that maintainer can see that a bug was closed. And can now 
detect the right version within debian where it is closed.

In the end I suggest a better integration of the bugsystems of distros and 
KDE. But how this can done - I donno nor where the manpower will come from :D

A little bit dreaming:
In my vision, I see in b.k.o a status for eched distro for a specific bug ( 
link to the distros bugnumber). If a patch was added, if distros desided to 
backported it, ... The current bugtracker only allows one version, one distro 
that reported the bug, all other I have to extract from the text in the 



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