KDE Applications: ease fetching catalogs for a tag, adding file "subdirs" again

Friedrich W. H. Kossebau kossebau at kde.org
Mon Aug 29 00:05:21 UTC 2016


how are the translation catalogs tagged on releases of KDE Applications?

I would like to get back the file "subdirs" with the tagged catalogs, the file 
which list the names of all locales for which there are catalogs present.
So one can do a custom packaging based on a tag directly from the repositories 
again (was possibly in KDE4 times, so expectations are high :) )

I hope this is done by a script? Happy to provide a patch.

on releases of KDE Applications the catalogs are currently tagged in svn, see 
which has the snapshot of all the catalogs as used with the KA 16.08.0 

Which is following what used to be done in the "KDE" times, e.g.

But other then before those tags/Applications/ folders no longer contain that 
file "subdirs". That one is only present in the trunk and branches folders.

And this very file is used by packaging scripts, to simplify fetching of the 
catalogs (e.g. releaseme or create_tarball_kf5.rb).

Now, those two scripts listed seem to have no problem. That is, because they 
only work against trunk/ and branches/ folders (from what I saw). Which is 
surely fine on release day, when the state of the catalogs should be close to 
the state of the code.

But I hit this problem while porting a custom build script from its KDE4 
version to the KDE Application/KF5 worlds. That script does rely on the tags 
for the catalogs. As it would support use-cases like a custom branch based on 
a certain tag, with special support for a some custom platform only added 
weeks after the official release.

Those custom builds for custom platforms would be ideally made directly from 
the repositories also when it comes to translation catalogs, because:
* could happen weeks after release time, so catalogs in the branch run the
  risk of no longer being in sync with the code of the tag (e.g. due to a bug
  fix changing message ids)
* with KDE Applications currently all translations are in one separate tarball
  for all of KDE Applications, so would be some overhead to download
  everything and to do the work to extract just the catalogs one needs

Especially as this worked fine in KDE4 times, and just needs that "subdirs" 
file which should be easy to generate and which is not expensive to have in 
svn as well. 

Not having the "subdirs" file might spoil the purpose of having those catalog 
tags in svn at all. What other use of the tags is there? (Though in general 
tagging the state which ends up in a release is nice to have, just seems not 
general standard with translations for all KDE projects?)
IMVHO if we have those tags, we should also put the "subdirs" file there, to 
help use-cases as those custom-tag-based-from-repo builds.

So, where do I need to hack on to provide a patch? :)


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