Luigi Toscano luigi.toscano at tiscali.it
Sat Aug 6 23:13:00 UTC 2016

Jeremy Whiting ha scritto:
> It's too late for Applications/16.08 yeah. Is this a port from Qt4 to Qt5?
> At any rate after Applications/16.08 has been branched master is open
> for changes (maybe that has already happened) so only need to update
> dependencies and let i18n-doc mailing list know that master branch is
> now qt5/kf5 based and it will be in the next release
> Applications/16.12 I guess.

I noticed and fixed the translation branches (and Burkhard fixed few
translation issues).

On the other side, wouldn't it make sense to split kde-baseapps into separate
kdialog, keditbookmarks, kfind and konqueror repositories?


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