Issues with last announcement (kde-frameworks-5.21.0)

Josep Ma. Ferrer txemaq at
Mon Apr 11 18:42:56 UTC 2016


	There are two small issues with last announcement related to "KDE 
Releases Frameworks 5.21.0" [1]:

1) It lacks the menu where to choose the language (like KDE Releases 
Frameworks 5.21.0 announcement [2]):

Also available in:

English | Català | Nederlands | Português | Português brasileiro | Svenska | 

2) There are two not translatable sentences (maybe a missing i18n call?):

2.a) "New framework: KActivitiesStats, a library for accessing the usage 
statistics data collected by the KDE activity manager."

2.b) "Qt >= 5.4 is now required, i.e. Qt 5.3 is no longer supported."

	Thanks in advance.

	Josep Ma. Ferrer


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