HOW TO: Bump library version numbers without breaking the CI system

Ben Cooksley bcooksley at
Mon Apr 4 07:33:27 UTC 2016

Hi Pimsters,

As you're probably aware, a large chunk of your PIM builds on the CI
system are currently broken.
This is because your version numbers have been bumped in your
libraries, with simultaneous bumps in the dependencies of your

With the older system this wasn't as much of an issue if you pushed in
the right order, as there were only 1-2 builders. The system can now
scale up to 15 builds at once, so that no longer applies.

To avoid this in future please bump library numbers first, then once
all the builds have gone through and succeeded, bump your library

As the damage has already been done, we've now got to essentially
build things one by one in the right order, waiting for each to
complete in turn.

On that note: could you folks work on cutting the level of
interdependency between your "split" repositories? They're all
effectively still one unit, with a linear build order being absolutely
required, completely defeating the point of splitting the


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