Release-impacting changes for 16.08 of KDEPIM

Sandro KnauƟ sknauss at
Sun Apr 3 21:55:54 UTC 2016


maybe you can help to make it a smoother 16.08 release for KDEPIM than for 
16.04. We now had our PIM Sprint in Toulouse and discussed things that will be 
done till 16.08 release and have impact for release.

* kdepimlibs is going to be split and been removed afterwards (split to 
akonadi-calendar, akonadi-notes, akonadi-mail, kioslaves will move into 
kdepim-runtime) - montel is doing the work
-> release team (application) need to be informed about the new repos
-> distributions wants also a notice 

*   KHolidays is becoming a framework, John is kicking off the review on 
-> release team (application/KF5) need the information about the move

* kleopatra is splitted out as single application (has already its own repo) 
kleopatra will have two different release cyles to follow one KDE Applications 
for Linux and GPG4Win for windows builds
-> release team (application) needs to add this to the next release (can be 
done already)

* messagelib will change it dependecy from libkleo to qgpgme
-> we need to make sure that qgpgme is released (because this will be provided 
by  gnupg) before the change
-> ci needs to add this (because it will take a while till it is available in 
stable distros)

 * gpgme++ will be move to upsteam gnupg
-> release team (application) will need to be informed that they shoud not 
release it anymore



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